The Best Expert Tips to Selling Your Car

The Best Expert Tips to Selling Your Car

Many people think that selling a car is something that happens years after your purchase. Actually, if you want to see a fair amount of money back, do what the experts do and follow the following steps to ensure you buy a car that will maintain a great value for years to come. 

Let’s jump right in.

#1: Know Your Value 

You may be dreaming of a neon yellow hatchback but unless you don’t mind waiting forever to resell – consider what the market has to say about the value of your car. This is especially true when selling abroad. For example, thousands of people live and work in Oman every year. Buying a car is a great idea when you know you will be having an extended stay abroad. To sell car in Oman you need to research carefully about what that market values. 

Carzaty, one of the best dealerships, helps you sell car in Oman easily by offering the following tips.

  1. Choose a car that is less than five years old – the year on a car has an instant impact on the value and avoids issues like recalls 
  2. Less than 120,000km – value is also determined from whats called wear and tear 
  3. Ensure your car is registered by the GCC – this is the Gulf Cooperation Council 
  4. Make sure the vehicle you choose has gone through a rigorous inspection 
  5. Dealer repairs and one year warranty are also great to have 

#2: When and How to Sell Your Car

If you are looking to get the most value out of your car to purchase an upgrade avoid putting too many miles and maintain the upkeep. A well-looked after vehicle will fetch you a nice resell price. 

How to sell is also up for debate amongst the experts. While it’s true you can somehow get more selling privately there are many perks from choosing to sell back to your dealership. Here are a few of them:

  • Dealer knows the car and has done their own inspections
  • Buyback terms are clear from the beginning so you can maintain good car value
  • Advice on which make and model to buy for best resell 
  • Projected buyback price quotes from your dealership 

#3: Final Touches when Selling Your Car

There are quite a few final touches you can make to ensure you get as much as possible when you sell your car. First, one is removing any personalized items. You may love your decals, stickers, or added wheels and tire details but reselling these items can detract the buyer. Ideally, don’t buy them in the first place to avoid unnecessary cleanup costs. 

Speaking of cleaning – don’t splash that car with a hose and empty the trash – take your car to a premium car washing dealership and go all out. Get the car thoroughly cleaned, waxed, and detailed for it to look its absolute best. Any fixable cosmetic defects should also be taken care of and touched up if possible. 

Always check the resell value and compare the condition of your car and understand its market value. For more info, go here.