All You Need To Know About Super Lice

All You Need To Know About Super Lice

We know how irritating lices are. If you have dealt with these lices before, you may know about super lice. Well, there are many people who don’t know what are super lices. Hench, they even don’t know are these kinds of lices even dangerous or not.

If you are one of them, then you are learning everything about super lies today. In this article, we will cover nearly everything about super lices. If you are dealing with lices, our guide will help you in many ways. So, let us start with the basics of super lices. 

What Are Super Lices?

Well, what are super lices? You may hear many confusing words about these tiny creatures. Are they bigger than the normal lice? Are these super lice totally different types of lice? Let’s stop these confusions.

In simple words, super lice are those head lice that had genetically mutated to avoid traditional lice treatment. These types of lices can be very dangerous for kids. According to Disease Control and Prevention, around 12 million lice infestations occur between children of 3-11 ages in the USA per year.

As you can see, super lice are a big problem right now. If someone is not taking enough precautions, they can spread very fast. You need to be extra careful if you have kids as these lice attack children more. However, in the following, we cover the treatment of super lice. So, you can prevent this problem. 

Symptoms of Super Lices

Lice are very irritating. The symptoms of all kinds of lice are basically the same. Someone who’s dealing with lices will feel like something is moving in his or her head. Symptoms like an itchy scalp, tickling feeling on the head are common when there are lice on someone’s head. 

Some people even get difficulties during their sleep. In some cases, people also get red bumps on their scalp. You can kill normal lice by using various traditional methods. However, super lices are different as you need special methods or get medical help to kill these creatures. 

Lice VS. Super Lice

By reading this article at this point, you have learned that lices and super lices are not the same things. So, in this segment, we will specifically discuss the differences between super lice and lices. Let’s find out.

As we mentioned before, lices and super lices have the same symptoms including scalp irritation, itchy scalp, and lack of sleep. Well, there is no medical danger to super lice or lice. But, who likes an itchy scalp? 

The main difference between these two lice is the way of treatment. You can kill normal lice by applying traditional methods. However, super lice are more effective nowadays, so it’s now a headache for a lot of people. 

Both super lice and lice spread through direct contact with hair with infected people. Plus, these lice spread through headgears including hairbrushes, combs, hats, and more. 

How To Check Super Lice

If you find the symptoms of having super lice, there are some ways you can check them. It’s essential when your child is having super lice. Make sure you are finding the super lice in the right way cause sometimes it’s difficult to notice lice. If you are checking super lice on your child’s head, make sure you’re killing them as soon as possible.

Super Lice Treatment

As you know super lice can’t be treated with traditional treatments, there are a few things you to take care of. In the following, we are giving some effective tips. By applying these tips, you can successfully kill super lices. 

  • The best way to prevent super lices is by avoiding infected people. If you are not sharing anything with infected people, you can easily avoid super lices spread.
  • Combing regularly with a metal comb is another effective method. Make sure you are using a comb with metal teeth. You can apply this method regularly for at least a week.
  • Over the counter lices, treatment can be effective. However, you have to retreat it after a week. 
  • Make sure you are regularly washing your hair, it can be very effective.
  • Cleaning your bedding and clothes in hot soapy water is good for killing lices. 

These are the proven methods you can apply for treating super lices. However, if you still can’t deal with super lices, make sure you are talking with an expert. 


There are a few questions many people ask experts. In the following, we have handpicked some common questions people ask regarding lices issues. 

Q: How Do Super Lices Spread?

Just like other normal lices, super lices spread through direct contact with an infected person’s hair. If someone isn’t washing hair regularly, these lices can spread fast. Make sure you are not using an infected person’s headgear such as brush and comb. These things also spread lice fast. 

Q: Are Super Lice Dangerous For Kids?

Many experts say that lice are not dangerous for anyone. It’s true that these lice are not harmful to your body. However, having head lice is not a good thing too, especially for your kids. Your kids usually get lice from school. However, if they are dealing with these creatures, make sure you are starting the treatment as soon as possible.  

Q: How To Prevent Super Lice?

As we have mentioned before, there are many ways for super lice treatment. If you are already dealing with super lices, you can apply our methods. However, if these tips are not working, you can get medical treatment. If you want to prevent super lice, make sure you are avoiding infected people. Regularly check your kid’s head for the prevention of super lices.


Finally, you know everything about super lices. These types of lices are not that harmful, although the spread could be really fast. Make sure you are applying all the methods to kill super lices. Sometimes it gets hard to kill the eggs of super lices, you can get medical treatment for it.