Blocked Nose At Night | Causes, Remedies & More…

Blocked Nose At Night | Causes, Remedies & More…
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Are you feeling stuffy? I know it can be not very pleasant. Don’t worry; it is a widespread condition associated with a viral infection. If you suffer from a blocked nose throughout the night, then you might be facing nasal congestion. In this, mucous membranes become swollen and can lead to a blocked nose. At this time, you might be struggling with breathing problems. 

Blocked Nose At Night | Causes, Remedies & More…
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Nasal congestion is mainly seen by a stuffy nose, mucus buildup, or sinus pain. Are you facing any of these problems? If yes, this is the right time to cure it before it imbalance your health condition. 

Symptoms You might Face In Nasal Congestion

  • You may find it hard to breathe 
  • Swollen nasal passages
  • Build up of mucus
  • Runny nose or headache
  • You might feel tired

Causes Of blocked Nose At Night

A blocked nose can be due to nasal congestion that makes your nose stuffed up and inflamed. A slight illness is the most typical reason for congestion. But there are some other reasons like if you are suffering from a cold, sinus problems or the flu can also cause blockage at night. 

Viral infections

A viral infection is the main cause of the common cold. The most common virus is rhinovirus that can cause severe cold with a stuffy nose. Not only the stuffy nose, but you will also find many other symptoms like sore throat, cough, and sneezing.


Allergy is one of the problems that millions of people are suffering. Due to this, many people feel blocked nose at night. As the allergies are increasing, it affects around 30% of the adults and 40% of the children. 

Dry and Dusty Air

One main reason for the blocked nose at night is no moisture. When there is no moisture, your nasal passages become dry, due to which the nasal tissues have to put extra effort to keep that area moist, which leads to a blocked nose. This is quite common in a desert or arid lands.

Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, a slight change in hormones can cause a blocked nose at night. Progesterone and estrogen levels rise, which increases the blood flow to different parts of the body. During this, there is a blockage in blood flow and can cause swelling and blocked nose at night.

However, if it lasts for more than one week, it signifies an underlying health issue. Long-term nasal congestion maybe hay fever, nasal polyps, or tumors in the nasal passages, long-lasting sinus infection, allergies, and many other health issues. 

Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Blocked Nose At Night | Causes, Remedies & More…
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When you scroll the home remedies for a blocked nose at night, you will find many home remedies. We have handpicked the best remedies based on reviews and personal experience that will definitely work for you to relieve it. Let’s get started!

The Best Thing Is To Have A Hot Shower

Have you ever noticed that after a bath, you could breathe better? Most of the answers will be yes. There’s a good reason behind it. When you have a hot shower, the steam helps to thin out the mucus and reduce inflammation. Taking a hot shower will give you relief for some time. 

Use Of Saline Spray

The best way to add moisture to your nasal is by using a nasal saline spray. This will decrease the inflammation of blood vessels and increase the moisture in the nostrils. You will find numerous saline spray over the counter. Pick them carefully as some contain decongestant medication that can even worse your congestion. Ask your doctor before using saline sprays with decongestants.

Use A Humidifier For Blocked Nose at Night

Blocked Nose At Night | Causes, Remedies & More…
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If you are finding for a quick and easy way to reduce blocked nose at night, you must have a humidifier. This machine converts the water to moisture and fills the air that will increase humidity in the air. When we breathe in the moist air, the irritating tissues in the nose get soothe. Moreover, it thins the mucus in the sinuses. You need to put a humidifier in your room to ease the inflammation.

Keep yourself hydrated 

Another thing you can do is to keep air flowing when your nose is blocked. When you are sick, all the liquids can help you to keep hydrated. Be it normal water or juice, this will help to thin the mucus in your nostrils and will push the fluids out of your nose. In fact, it will decrease the pressure in your sinuses. If the pressure is less, you will feel less irritation and less inflammation. 

A Warm Compress For Blocked Nose at Night

To open the nasal passages, you can do one of the best home remedies. It would be best if you had warm water and a towel. In thin, soak a towel in the warm water. Squeeze the towel and fold it, place it over the nose and forehead. This will help to give warmth and to comfort from any pain. Repeat this process whenever it’s necessary.

Best Sleeping Position For Blocked Nose at Night

While you sleep, you need to keep your head propped up. This will encourage mucus to flow from the nose. Additionally, You can add an extra pillow to take pressure away from your head. Avoid sleeping on your back. Instead, try to sleep on one side. The reason is when you sleep on your back; it allows mucus to build up that will contribute to snoring. 

When you must go to a doctor

Sometimes, what happens is home remedies don’t work in severe conditions. In this case, you can’t neglect this problem, and instant medical treatment is required. Because this problem can be painful, it can block the nose at night and interfere with your everyday activities.  

You must see a doctor if you are facing any of the following problems:

  • If the congestion lasts longer than 10 days
  • High fever In Congestion lasting for more than 3 days
  • Green nasal discharge with fever and sinus pain 
  • Asthma, or emphysema, or you are feeling tired (this might be due to a weak immune system)
  • If you have has a head injury you have regular discharge, you must immediately see a doctor)

It’s very challenging to sleep with a stuffy nose but can be relieved by simple home remedies. The best way to prevent this infection from spreading is to stay home and stop interacting with people. If you are facing severe symptoms, you must see a doctor.