How to Play a DVD on Windows 10 | Know Everything!

How to Play a DVD on Windows 10 | Know Everything!

Windows 10 has got a ton of sorrow since its arrival. The primary concerns were with sure security settings and introductory bugs. Regardless of this, most of these have been figured out, and the security settings are considerably more adjustable. Still there are many people who prefer not to overhaul their variant of Windows. By the way, Windows 10 is an incredible working framework, and there are numerous reasons why you should update, and after this, you need to know how to play DVDs on Windows10.

How to Play a DVD on Windows 10 | Know Everything!

Windows 10 gives you a friendly user interface with many features of the start menu, easy to explore the files, and improvements in speed, security, and compatibility. This article will give an essential manual for any client who has never observed or utilized the working framework. We’ve separated it into a couple of classifications to attempt to kick you off on learning your new set up. You will know the complete working of Windows 10, like how to access the file, play DVDs on Windows10, and many more.

How to find the files and programs with the start menu?

The first thing you need to do is find the start menu in the lower left-hand corner by clicking on the window icon. Above that, you will see user account controls, power, and settings.

Moreover, you will find the installed applications arranged alphabetically now, as you have made your way through the start menu. It’s time to know where the files are located? Directly to the right of the start menu, you will find the type here to search. In fact, here you can type anything and get directed to that file.

Do You Require A Password To Log In?

Technically, you don t require any password to get into the computer, but you can use a password in the interest of security. There are several functions that windows 10 perform that can save you from hassles and still give you a level of security. Well, this is the best feature in case your computer falls into the wrong hands.

Organize the Files

How to Play a DVD on Windows 10 | Know Everything!
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Since we’ve figured out how to discover our documents, let’s see how to coordinate and view things in the document pilgrim window. It’s a smart thought to keep things coordinated on your PC instead of saving everything to the work area or in one desktop.

How to Change Text Size And Background?

With the help of windows 10, you can easily adjust several settings. There are many icons on the desktop, but you can’t see them. You need to simply right click on the desktop and, in the view option, select the size of the icons you are looking for. You may also find display settings here. Next, we need to know how to change the background by selecting the personalized button by right-clicking. After that, look for the browse option. This will take you to the browse files option within the folder. Select the picture you want to set for your background. 

How to Connect To Wifi?

If you are looking for a wifi connection, you need to locate the icon of WiFi. On your screen, check out the lower right corner; you will find it. Hit the icon and see all the wireless networks around you. Once you click on any network, you have to enter the network security key, which acts as a password. However, if you don’t connect to the network, you need to double-check and make sure your wifi is turned on. 

How To Play DVDs On Windows 10

Watching DVDs on a Windows 10 PC, you need two things: a DVD drive and either a DVD player application or a DVD player work area program. 

You need a program or application to play the DVD, paying little heed to what DVD drive you own; Windows 10, in contrast to a portion of its archetypes, no longer ships with an implicit DVD player. 

We like these three choices best for viewing on our own frameworks

  • VLC for Windows 
  • Kodi
  • Daum’s PotPlayer
  • 5KPlayer

 VLC Media Player (Ways To Play DVD On Windows 10)

Created by the people at VideoLAN, VLC Media Player is a perfect software for the sound player; it is used to play songs or music and recordings stored on your PC, just as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-beam plates. VLC Media Player is free, and you can generally give a few funds in return.

To begin with, download the VideoLAN VLC Media Player on the official site. Install VLC Media Player, embed a DVD, and it should fire up. After that, press Media > Open Disk > DVD; at this point, click the play button. You’ll locate a full scope of catches to control playback.

Kodi, Best Software To Play DVDs On Windows10

Looking for open-source, free software that is more than just a player app? If yes, Kodi is on the top of the list, which is a multi-talented player. It handles music, games, DVDs, and videos. You can add a personal video recorder and have access to live TV and Radio. For the DVD player, you need to insert the DVD and open the Kodi. Select the media and at which place you want to access it. To play it, click the disc option. Kodi will play DVDs on Windows10 on full screen. 

Daum’s PotPlayer, Best Software To Play DVDs On Windows10

In case you are searching for a program that can handle all the stuff like blue rays, videos, audio, and DVDs, Daum’s Pot Player is the best software to support various types of 3D glasses. With this, you can feel yourself in the videos. The first step is to launch the program from the Start menu. Secondly, insert the DVD and click on the icon. Finally, hit the open button to fire up your disc. 


One-stop software for high defined videos, 5KPlayer is the best software for online radio stations. It will let you stream audio and video from the phone. Install 5KPLayer and launch the software. You gotto register yourself by adding your name along with an email address. For this, hit a DVD in the drive and press the button and click on OK Button. Additionally, you can easily play DVDs on Windows10, stop, skip, and rewind, and yes, it is one of the easy ways to watch DVDs.

Well, this is a complete guide that gives you a good start in using windows 10. These are some of the basic skills that you need to personalize windows 10. If you are having any queries regarding windows 10, we are here to guide you. Leave a comment in the box below!