5 Tips Every New Entrepreneur Should Follow

5 Tips Every New Entrepreneur Should Follow

The business world is similar to other areas in that success is dependent on taking the right approach to the challenges faced. The key is knowing where the most pressing challenges exist and developing a philosophy to conquer them. Not all entrepreneurs will have access to a personal mentor who might sell courses online to help them sort through their daily challenges, so the professionals at Kajabi provided a list that entrepreneur should follow to start building a solid foundation.


A thorough understanding of the market, as well as their customer’s needs, are a large part of the puzzle that must be solved by entrepreneurs. Take the time necessary to develop an understanding of where your customers are and what they need to push them along to their destination. It is then only a matter of delivering the product or service they need to get them there.

Prepare for Hard Work

Becoming an entrepreneur is not a path to easy success. An entrepreneur should follow and must be willing to work long hours and perform duties across various spectrums like sales, marketing, operation, human resources, finance, and more. Creativity and persistence are also traits needed to create and grow a company from scratch.

Listen Closely to Clients

Many people are so interested in expressing their thoughts and feelings that they spend little time trying to understand the people they encounter daily. And while some people may be able to get by focusing mostly on their thoughts and feelings, this route will likely prove disastrous for an entrepreneur. A good rule of thumb is to remain in listening mode 80 percent of the time. This approach leaves 10 percent of the entrepreneur’s time to clarify what was said to them, and a final 10 percent to spend responding.

Think Long-term

An entrepreneur should follow and avoid the trap of staying completely focused on the daily challenges of running a business. While it is necessary to meet these challenges, it is just as important to focus on long-term marketing, capital development, community engagement, and employee development. Entrepreneurs should also spend time thinking of natural progressions to the products and services with which they begin their businesses. An example is the business owner who creates merchandise that represents their business or one that decides to sell courses online. Kajabi also advises that entrepreneurs who sell courses online provide themselves with a great way to “strengthen connections with clients and market other services.”

Think About the Rewards

This tip may seem a bit bland, but it is helpful to focus on the rewards the entrepreneur will receive once they sell courses online or complete another task successfully. Doing so will help the entrepreneur take focus away from whatever fears they have regarding the possibility of failure. It is best to look at every step of the company building process as an experiment that will move the entrepreneur one step closer to the rewards he or she seeks.

The Bottom Line

Individuals beginning an entrepreneurial pursuit will need to complete both careful planning and loads of hard work to achieve their business goals. Following the tips above will get entrepreneurs off to a great start and place them well ahead of the curve.