Bentley Reveals Plans: Motor Company Wants to Go Electric by 2030

Bentley Reveals Plans: Motor Company Wants to Go Electric by 2030

Famous luxury vehicle brand Bentley reveals plans to go completely electric within the next decade. Their aim to achieve this goal by the end of 2030 maximum. For now, there are some short-term plans as well. For instance, the company wants to alter the basic model range to offer nothing but only cars run on battery. Besides, they are also planning to offer plug-in hybrid vehicles besides the battery cars. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Volkswagen owns a part of Bentley. Therefore, they also want to become neutral within 2030 or by the end of it.

Electric cars are gradually gaining more popularity worldwide. Moreover, if you consider the US only, then the sale of electric vehicles is triple compared to other years. The Chief Executive of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, says that within the next decade, Bentley will change its look from being just a 100-year old heritage and luxury motor company.

It is now time to match with the increasing development of society. Therefore, the makers are focusing on a much more modern, ethical, and sustainable vehicle instead. There will be a massive deployment of employees who work on the combustion technology of Bentley vehicles.

Bentley reveals plans to become a sustainable brand.

As you may already know, Bentley’s specialties are that a car comes with 12- cylinder petrol engines. It also wants to take over other car brands to top the list of motor companies that believe in sustainable living. The company’s makers acknowledge that adapting to the electric car environment will help them stay away from recession. Moreover, they may also become more financially resilient.

It is now a primary concern of businessmen after the pandemic and global lockdown. Car sales and other luxury products were almost stuck because no one was certain of the future. Therefore, they thought it is not a good idea to invest too much money into something.

While the German partner of Bentley, Volkswagen, is continually working towards the goal and investing a lot of money. On the other hand, Bentley announced in July that they would have to lay off over 1,000 employees because they have to cost-cutting. However, the process is yet to come into action. Apart from this, Bentley is trying to implement an excellent thought.

The company wants women and black people to take over positions in the company’s management. Moreover, they want the ratio to become 30% of the present 20%. According to the recent sales figures that came out at the end of October, the models have hit the lowest point in this decade.