Wash Included? A Closer Look at Car Detailing Services

Wash Included? A Closer Look at Car Detailing Services

You’re thinking of getting your car detailed, but you’re unsure exactly what it entails for car detailing services.

There are significant benefits to keeping your car in good shape. Beyond your personal pride, a well-maintained car also makes a good impression in a professional setting and will boost your car’s resale value.

Car detailing services aren’t a mere cleanup of your car, they go well beyond that. In this article, we’ll review what’s included in a car detailing.

Definition of Car Detailing

In simple words, a car detailing is an extremely thorough cleaning of your car. It doesn’t stop at what you’d do in a spring cleaning, it includes everything.

The purpose of car detailing is to make a car look almost brand-new. As a result, the car not only looks a lot better, it also becomes more valuable.

Furthermore, car detailing can extend the life of your car, saving you money in the long run.

To learn everything there is to know about car detailing, check out this ultimate detailing guide.

Categories of Car Detailing

Car detailing is divided into two categories: interior and exterior. Let’s dive into these components.

Interior Detailing

The cleaners start by removing any garbage that doesn’t belong in the car. They vacuum the car thoroughly and get rid of anything that was too small to be removed initially.

They then wash the carpets or mats. They clean up any stains or dirt and hang them to ensure they are spotless.

Afterward, the cleaners take care of the glass and windows, making sure that they are completely clear. If your car has any leather component, they will also be cleaned.

The cleaners dust and wipe everything down once again. They vacuum a second time to guarantee that no trash remains. Lastly, they refresh the car smell with some deodorant.

Exterior Detailing

An exterior car detailing is different than a car wash. In a detailing, your car is handwashed to get the best results. With this method, every nook and cranny of your vehicle will be taken care of.

The cleaners then use a clay bar to finish cleaning anything that the detergent didn’t get. Subsequently, they polish the car. Additionally, most car detailing companies will touch up the car’s paint.

Finally, they apply sealant to the car to give it a glossy shine. Some companies even use wax at this point.

Inform Yourself

This article simply provides a general overview of what an average car detailing entails. There might be variations depending on companies.

For that reason, it’s important to do some research before hiring a company to know exactly what services you’re getting. It might save you getting a less thorough detailing for a steeper price.

Before getting your car detailed, ask about the company’s policy regarding missing items; they should have insurance to cover that.

Be sure to remove any valuable object from your car, and take some pictures of it beforehand to have proof in case anything goes missing.

A Look at Car Detailing Services

Car detailing services can vary, but the gist of it is an extremely thorough cleaning of your car so that it looks brand-new.

Keep your car in mint condition and it’ll treat you well! Take a look at the rest of our blog for more information on how to keep your car in the best shape.