How to Promote Your Car Dealership

How to Promote Your Car Dealership

Here we take a look at the most effective ways to promote your car dealership. As with any business, the key to increasing your sales is increasing your brand awareness. The more people that know about your dealership, the more people you are going to have come through your door and the bigger the chance of increasing your sales. 

It’s no secret that the car dealership industry is heavily competitive. Cars are the way people visit their family, get to and from work and go on vacation. Cars have grown to be a necessity to every one of us with many households having more than one car. Due to how competitive the car sales market has become, now more than ever your dealership needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd to appeal to prospective buyers and sellers in a way that your competitors aren’t. 

An online presence 

Since the turn of the millennium and the growth of the internet, nearly every industry has turned to creating an online presence. Your dealership must have an online presence. Ideally having both a website and pages on social media platforms for members of the public to interact with you. Having an online platform also allows you to showcase your most valuable assets, your fleet of cars. It means that your potential customers can see what you’ve got in your showroom and you are not limited just to people who happen to be going past the showroom.

Create interesting content

Part of making sure your website and online presence are as fruitful to your dealership as possible is through blogging but, you shouldn’t be going for the hard sell every time you post. You can either post your blog on your websites blog or on one or all of your social media pages. Try to create some content that drives engagement. Social media is the perfect place to acquire consumer research about what upcoming industry news people are most excited about. Or why not see what changes to your dealership they would like most to see? Competitions are also a fantastic tool for reaching your online audience and encouraging engagement.

Custom license plate frames

One of the most effective ways of getting your dealership known on a larger scale is through mobile advertising with custom dealership license plates frames. Pre-dating the internet, this has always been a hugely powerful way to promote a car dealership. It’s a way of utilising your existing customer’s loyalty whilst at the same time providing them with a supplementary service. Pursuing this strategy means that you can have virtually every vehicle you sell advertising your dealership, increasing the number of people who are going to know about your dealership and the geographical range your advertising covers.

This strategy also builds loyalty with customers who have purchased vehicles from your dealership by offering these custom license plate frames as part of their purchase. Including information such as your website and contact details also means that should anyone want to get in touch with you, the customer included, they know how to straight away. If you are looking to enhance your offering by investing in auto dealer supplies, consider MBR Marketing – – who is one of the leading suppliers of auto dealer products in the United States.

Local sponsorship

Another powerful way of promoting your car dealership without being too direct is through sponsorship. The most common ways of sponsorship with businesses are through local causes such as sports teams or even providing a gift to a raffle held by a nearby charity. This serves the dual purpose of not only getting your brand known but also enhancing your reputation as a business by giving something back to the community.

Offer extra services

As a dealership, you shouldn’t just restrict yourself to selling and buying vehicles. Offering additional services such as servicing and accessories can turn you into a one-stop-shop for your customers and grow your business. It also means that your customers don’t have to go elsewhere, therefore potentially building up loyalty to avoid losing your customers to a competitor. From flags and pennants to custom dealer license plates, to an enhanced service department and much more there are plenty of additional services you can offer.

Paid Search Ad’s for Car Dealership

The main place a potential customer will look if they are after buying a car or selling a car is the internet. It’s for this reason you should be aiming to appear when they are searching for these terms. Using a platform such as Google Ads can be effective in alerting people to your dealership, you should also ensure that you include on your site and in your blogs and posts specific keywords and Meta Titles and Tags that are key to your services and your geographical location so that your dealership comes up high in on the list in searches. Other avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also great for promoting your business and getting youpage views.

Create unique offers and sales for Car Dealership

Utilise commercial milestones in the year such as Black Friday to offer potential customers discounts in your dealership, this will not only secure sales but enhance your dealership’s brand and increase the likelihood of any customers acquired during this time telling their friends and family about the positive experience and savings they’ve made at your dealership. Although this means that you will be making slightly less profit in the short term, it can benefit your dealership in the long term. 

Ask for reviews

Trust plays a huge factor in a person’s decision as to whether or not to buy from your dealership. It can sometimes be the point that pushes them away or seals a deal. Another way you can utilise your existing customers and future sales is to ask for them to provide you with honest reviews that can be posted on your online platforms. This goes a long way into reinforcing their trust in your dealership as the majority of potential customers will check for reviews before coming down to visit your dealership as they want to know that the dealership they’re visiting is trustworthy and not just after their money. 

In Summary of Car Dealership

There are plenty of tools and resources out there to help you grow your dealership. Utilising your existing customer base and your online platforms are two of the most effective ways to start growing your sales and getting your brand out there. Some of the methods discussed may suit your business strategy more than others but it is worth exploring every one of them to start growing your dealership today.