How to Create a Trade Show Display That Will Drive Traffic

How to Create a Trade Show Display That Will Drive Traffic

You’ve started the business of your dreams and have gotten some clients. But you want to take your business to the next level with a trade show display and exhibit.

Before you make your display, consider what to include on it. Then, you can make sure it gets the best results for you and your business.

Keep reading to learn how to create the best display for your booth.

Select the Right Size

First, you should consider how you want to set up your entire booth at your trade show. Make sure you know how much space you have. Consider if you want to use tabletop trade show displays or something on the floor.

Your display should be big enough to attract people walking by.

When choosing a size, also consider how much information you want to include. Then, you can ensure you have enough space to cover everything.

Consider the Audience

Next, think about the types of people or companies who will be at this trade show. Of course, you will meet people from your industry but go deeper than that. Where are exhibits at?

Think about the city the trade show is in and if people in that area have any specific needs. For example, a window company may want to showcase their hurricane windows in Florida.

But that isn’t the best thing to focus on at a trade show in New York or Colorado. Instead, you may want to cover your windows that offer good insulation during the winter.

Incorporate Your Branding

As you design your display, consider how you can easily incorporate elements of your business brand. This can help you decide what elements to use, such as:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Photos
  • Decorations

Using your branding can help people recognize and remember you. If someone has seen you online already, they may see your trade show display and know you who are immediately.

On the other hand, they may see your trade show display for the first time. When they see your business on social media, they may recognize you then.

Include Your Company Name

It may sound obvious, but make sure your company name is a prominent part of your custom trade show displays. You want people to know who you are as they walk by.

If someone has to come up to your booth to learn what your business name is, you won’t be able to gain as much recognition. And the rest of your display will have to do more work to get people to stop and talk to you.

Adding your company name to your portable trade show displays is quick and easy. Not only can it help attract people, but it’s another easy way to add your branding to your booth.

Make Your Headline Easy to Remember

Along with your company name, you can add a headline to attract people to your booth. Your headline is a chance to get people to want to stop and learn more about your business.

Now, you can make your business slogan your headline if you have one. Another great option is to customize it to the trade show and the product or service you’re promoting.

Using the window example, you could focus your heading on hurricane preparation for a Florida trade show. Then, you can tell the local crowd that you know and understand their problems and how you can help.

Choose a Simple Yet Attractive Graphic

Adding a graphic is another easy way to attract people to your trade show display. Your graphic can include your branding so that it matches the rest of the board.

Include a simple image with one or two elements to it. While a complex image may look attractive, it can be confusing, and it may not tell trade show attendees much about your business.

Be sure the graphic you use is also relevant to your business. For example, a window company can use a window in their graphic, but a fashion brand would want to avoid that.

Write an Easy-to-Read Description

As people browse a trade show, they will see a lot of displays and boards. Adding a description that is simple and easy to read is another great way to attract people.

Make sure your description is big enough to read from a few feet away. Keep the sentences short or opt for bullet or number lists instead of sentences.

Your description doesn’t need to cover everything your business does. But it should give people an idea of your business, so they can decide if they want to learn more.

Include Your Contact Information

The next crucial element to trade show booth displays is your contact information. You may have the best conversation with someone, but they may not follow up if they don’t know how.

Sure, you can provide business cards that include your contact information. But those can be small, and people can lose business cards easily.

Adding your contact information to your display means people can see it even in passing. If your website is easy to remember, someone may look you up without even stopping at your booth.

Encourage Interactions

Use the rest of your trade show display to encourage people to stop and talk to you. Your board can encourage interactions in a few ways, such as:

  • Including questions
  • Stating an interesting fact
  • Showing stats for your business
  • Covering results you’ve gotten for customers

If you include a question about a pain point your customers face, that can help draw people to your booth. The same can happen if you include a statistic or fact, especially if the statistic is surprising.

When your trade show display can encourage people to stop, you won’t have to work as hard to talk to people.

Make Your Trade Show Display

Whether you do a trade show frequently or are preparing for your first one, you need to make the best trade show display possible. Not only will it help you attract people, but it can make your life much easier.

A good display can encourage people to stop, and you don’t have to include a ton of details. Instead, you can save the details for the conversations you have at the show, and that can help grow your business.

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