A Beginners Guide to Hobby Lighting Equipment

A Beginners Guide to Hobby Lighting Equipment

Are you an amateur or diorama builder enthusiast looking to take your skills up a notch? The first place to start is with high-quality lighting equipment.

Finding the right model lights and lighting equipment may seem overwhelming, but there are great places to start even if you’re a beginner. You can find great high-quality options that are easy to use and not too complicated.

Let’s break down hobby lighting equipment for beginners so you can develop your model-building skills today.

Beginner Lamps

There’s a lot that goes into making a model diorama or scene. From the lights used on the set to external lighting equipment. Let’s start with external lighting equipment.

Some are a little more advanced, and some options are expensive, but there are still inexpensive external lights that are great for beginners. When you’re working with miniature pieces and parts, it’s important to have good lighting so you can see what you are working on.

The best lighting options are the ones that imitate natural light or ones that provide a neutral temperature because they give you a realistic look at the colors you use. You should also consider your workspace. Think about the brightness level you need, and the affect the light might have on your eyes when working. There are many great lamps including magnifying lamps that will help you clearly see your project and will magnify small aspects.

Here are some great external lights to get started with:

  • Phive LED Task Lamp
  • Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp & Table Clamp
  • Phive LK-1 Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp/Table Lamp with Clamp

Beginner LED Kits

The second most important type of lighting equipment for model and diorama builders are miniature model lights. First consider the types of models you are building. Are you building a model scene or a model vehicle like a train? Is it night-time or day-time in your model scene? These are all aspects to consider when choosing the right lighting for your diorama. You want to be sure whoever is looking at the scene or object is able to see everything that is going on.

Most model builders utilize LEDs, also known as light emitting diodes, because they are a great way to light up your project. They are efficient, provide a high brightness that can give the appearance of natural light, and are great if you need directional lighting or lighting focused on a specific area. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to provide you the exact lighting you need.

As you build your lighting equipment collection, you will learn how to use different types of LEDs to manipulate and create artificial light. They are compact and mobile so you can take them with you or work with them in your garage.

Lighting Equipment for Beginners

Whether you’re an expert enthusiast or a beginner and just enjoy having a hobby, lighting equipment will elevate your experience and end product. Start with inexpensive options that are still high-quality so you can get the hang of it before investing in more expensive models.