Beyond ‘The Customer’s Always Right’: How to Get Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Beyond ‘The Customer’s Always Right’: How to Get Excellent Customer Satisfaction

The average household spends over $60,000 per year on goods and services. Where they choose to spend that money largely comes down to trust.

Do the customers you do business with trust you? Do they leave their shopping experience feeling satisfied?

If you answered no or aren’t sure what the answers are to those questions, you’ve got work to do.

Customer satisfaction is an important metric that dictates the likelihood of people choosing to do business with you again in the future. Below, our team shares a series of tips you must know to ensure that the people you sell to are better for the experience.

Sell Good Products and Services

You can try every customer satisfaction trick in the book and still have unhappy customers if the products and services you’re selling aren’t good. That’s why the most important tip we can give you is to make sure what you’re selling is providing the value buyers expect.

If your products and services are missing the mark, fix the problem. Reputations can be a hard thing to change once they’ve been earned so avoid earning a bad one.

Make It Easy for Customers to Get in Touch

When customers have an issue, how easy is it for them to reach out?

We find that the best practice is to be forthcoming with customers when it comes to contact. Immediately share your chat support window, email address, and/or phone number. If you don’t have someone dedicated to helping customers that reach out, hire a customer support agent.

Small investments in streamlining your support experience can make a huge difference when it comes to retention.

Have a Great Return Policy

Small businesses fear offering aggressive return policies because they worry they won’t be able to afford the exodus of returns they’ll receive. What we’ve found is that few people abuse good return policies but many buy because of them.

Since great return polices net you more good than harm, implementation makes sense.

Provide Clear Instructions

Most customer support needs come down to misunderstandings they’re experiencing. To avoid misunderstandings, put effort into the instructions your customers receive alongside their purchases.

Providing an abundance of information on the front end will save you from having to provide it on the back end.

Solicit Feedback and Make Adjustments

There are several ways to solicit feedback from customers. We suggest finding a way that works for you and executing on it in every transaction.

Through feedback, you can immediately identify what your business is doing well, where it needs to improve, and make adjustments accordingly. As you go through this exercise, eventually, you’ll be able to eliminate the vast majority of your issues that are undermining customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Is the Foundation of a Successful Business

With the level of competition that exists in today’s marketplace, customer satisfaction is becoming increasingly imperative to the survival of businesses. By implementing our tips, you’ll be able to more consistently deliver positive customer experiences and will see that positive trajectory reflected in your bottom line.

Our team would love to share more customer service insight with you! If you’re in the mood to keep learning, dive deeper into the content we have available in our blog.