5 best movies to watch if you’re looking for a good mystery

Psychological thrillers and crime novels are the world’s favorite book and film genres.

The obsessive need to explore broken behavior patterns and get an adrenaline rush through the vicissitudes of crime novels fascinates us all with this genre!

Getting into the minds of characters who are downright evil or morally dubious at best is an exciting adventure in itself. You discover aspects of human nature that we never or rarely encounter in real life. We are aware of the situations and quirks of the human mind and the dark paths it can take that lead us through great human emotions.

So, the overall charm of crime fiction comes from the thrill of the entertainment and the intellectual rush of participating in a mystery you almost feel like you helped solve, in addition to a deeper understanding of what makes the human mind work, click, or break.

There are several movies out there that feed into this thrill-induced obsession and we have them listed for you. Just make sure you have a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers high-speed connectivity and good bandwidth. Alternatively, some ISPs also have their cable TV packages as well, such as Cox cable, which offers economical plans and packages to their customers.

Regardless of your choice of medium, you will not regret watching these movies.

1.    Men (2022)

Starring the striking Jessie Buckley as Harper, Men follows her story as she retires to a cottage in the English countryside after a personal tragedy. Things only get worse for poor Harper, however, when she soon encounters a city where the men are strikingly alike. This is an intriguing premise, especially since the film uses intense emotional dramatic tension to push the story forward. You dive into a puzzle that is put before your eyes, delving into Harper’s story and the very human drama that follows. Moreover, with that clever blend of horror and drama, Men seems to promise a satisfying ending.

2.    Crimes of the Future (2022)

Breaking at the very beginning, this movie tells of a chilling crime committed sometime in the future in the gloomy corners of a nearly abandoned house. It’s a moving, stylish prologue that serves as a keyhole in the writer/director’s vast and carnal world: a boy walks into a filthy bathroom and starts devouring trash can like an overzealous, freshly beaten vampire satisfying his newfound bloodlust. Though this betrayal of the human body as we know it would not be the only (or actual) crime we would witness. Soon, in a fit of desperation, the boy’s mother, disgusted, will kill her offspring, seeing the boy’s inexplicably inhuman craving for plastic.

Now that’s one opening scene bound to grab your attention and make you want to know more!

3.    Enola Holmes (2020)

Based on Nancy Springer’s YA novel, Enola Holmes sees Sherlock’s younger sister create trouble, solve mysteries, and find her place in wealthy Victorian England. Even though she has a famous sibling, she is very independent in the way she plays a detective. Emmy Award winner Harry Bradbeer brings an infectious energy to this cramped environment, allowing Enola to break through the fourth wall from the start with amusingly confident commentary.

The movie is equal parts fun and thrilling; worth a watch!

4.    Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Any mystery-focused genre list is incomplete without Agatha Christie.

As a big fan of Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express is one of her best books, with an intriguing and convoluted story, lots of well-developed characters, and one of the most brilliant endings.

Murder on the Orient Express is a thrilling spectacle full of cryptic intent, brutal wit, and an ensemble cast featuring some of cinema’s biggest names. Strangers stranded on a stopped train is a good starting point considering how exciting it is to find a killer nearby.

But this perilous train journey has its setbacks, if not blunders. Kenneth Branagh, who plays the lead character Poirot and also directs the film, looks like he’s trying to bite off more than he can chew.

Watch it now to find out what happens next!

5.    The Outfit (2022)

It’s a welcome change, a high-pressure condensed drama set in one location, with impeccable actors doing a strong job.

Leonard, a tailor played by Mark Rylance, is set in mid-1950s Chicago and owns a shop in a rugged part of the city. Trained on Savile Row in London, he now makes custom suits, though gangsters seem to be the only ones who can afford them. Leonard makes every mobster in Chicago look good, and not like a typical mobster, but more like casually elegant townsfolk.

If you have an interest in mob rivalries and the like, this one is for you!

Wrapping it up

These movies will keep you guessing while you try to solve a mystery or figure out who the killer is before he gets a chance to harm the main character of the story. There is a variety of options to choose from, each of which gives you an idea of whether or not they are worth checking out. That’s why we put on our detective hats and solved the mystery of which movies to watch right now.