When to Call an Auto Crash Lawyer: Before or After a Hospital Visit?

When to Call an Auto Crash Lawyer: Before or After a Hospital Visit?

You’re driving through town, approaching an intersection. The lights turn green and you continue with your journey. Suddenly another driver T-bones you.

Or you’re rolling down the highway, then a speeding driver rear-ends you. Or, it’s you who rear-ends another car.

Accidents are daily occurrences on American roads. Some are fatal, but the vast majority result in minor injuries and car damage.

You know very well that you need to hire an auto crash lawyer. But should you do so immediately after an accident or wait until you’ve received an all-clear from the hospital?

Well, continue reading to learn when it’s the best time to hire an auto accident attorney.

How Bad Is the Accident?

The severity of the accident is the primary consideration to make when you want to decide when to hire an auto crash lawyer.

If you or your passenger(s) have been injured, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Don’t worry about the accident scene or preserving any kind of evidence. Call an ambulance or get yourself to the nearest emergency room.

Everything else will follow after you’ve been treated.

But what if the accident isn’t bad? Perhaps it’s a fender-bender or you hit the pavement at low speed. If no one is hurt but another party is involved, nothing stops you from calling your auto crash lawyer right away.

Who Is at Fault?

It’s not a must to involve an auto crash lawyer every time you’re in a car accident. Sometimes you can resolve any issues amicably with other involved parties.

However, a lot will depend on who’s at fault.

If you’re at fault, you might need to compensate the other party for their injuries and losses. Even if you’re liable, you want to protect yourself; otherwise, the other party can take advantage and try to get as much as possible off you.

In this case, hire an auto crash lawyer immediately.

You also need to do the same if the other party is at fault for the accident. They’ll certainly not admit any liability. A competent accident lawyer, like these Sweet Lawyers, will help you gather the evidence needed to file a claim against them and their auto insurance coverage provider.

Again, remember your health is key. If you’re at fault but you have sustained injuries, don’t focus on protecting yourself. Go to the hospital, get treatment, and then hire a lawyer to handle the case.

The Police Report Is Erroneous

After a car accident, the police will typically come to the accident scene and prepare an accident report.

These reports are usually accurate, but there are instances when they don’t get the facts right. This is especially where there are no witnesses on the scene and the accident is so bad it’s impossible to tell how it occurred.

If you believe the police’s report of your accident is erroneous, hire an auto crash attorney, regardless of whether you’re still receiving treatment or not. The last thing you want is someone placing the blame on you when you’re actually innocent.

Know When to Hire an Auto Crash Lawyer

An auto crash lawyer is an important person to have in your corner after you’ve been involved in an auto crash. However, whether you hire them before or after getting treatment depends on a range of factors, including whether you indeed need to visit the hospital.

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