What should you look for while buying toys for 6 month old?

What should you look for while buying toys for 6 month old?
toys for 6 month old

Are you about to buy toys for 6 month old baby? What would be your first preferences? It should be bright, playful, and interesting for the kid. Well, experts say that these are your last choices. The problem here is, every toy brand states that it is child-free, free from any harmful chemicals or colors, and age-appropriate. And, unfortunately, most of those brands are lying. How to choose the perfect toy for the toddler that you love? Just like you surf and research while buying a car, you ought to research the toy brands too.

Are they really toys for 6 month old?

The package would say 0 months to 12 months, or 6 months and plus. But is it really age-appropriate? There is no harm in buying a toy for three months old or newborn while shopping for six months. However, the toddler might enjoy the toys for 6 month old better. But, what is the problem with buying toys that are meant for bigger kids? The gross motor skill of a six-month-old is evolving. The baby cannot hold smaller objects or smoother ones. Thus, the size should be larger. It should have a gripped hold so that the kid can hold it for longer. The weight is the next factor. Toys meant for larger babies tend to be a little heavier. You might not be aware of this slight weight difference, but it could alter the entire play method.

The colors of toys for 6 month old

The best profit tactic of a toy brand is producing toys for 6 month old that are very attractive. It should make a lot of sounds, preferably a variety of sounds, and be very colorful. The color is where the problem begins. Natural colors tend to fade immediately. The top brands do not want bad reviews on the internet, and they choose chemical pigments. Remember that the child tends to keep everything in its mouth. Taste is one of the first sense that a baby gets and it explores its surrounding with taste. You cannot prevent a six-month toddler from biting or licking the toy. But, you can choose one with chemical-free colors.

Toys for 6 month old should not be sharp

There is a big difference between grip and sharp. It should have a textured surface to offer grip. But, there should not be any sharp ends. Run your finger through every surface of the toy and check for even the slightest sharp protruding. This feature includes breakability. If a toy tends to crack or break, it might end up becoming sharp over time, and you might even fail to notice.

Toys for 6 month old need not have parts

Do not choose toys for 6 month old with small parts. It should not be removable into smaller parts. Check whether there are any screws or parts that could get loose over time. If there is a battery compartment, check whether the compartment is shut with a screw. The last thing you want is your child licking a battery. Remember that a six months old baby is not old enough to handle small objects.

Toys that induce creativity

The toys that send out music over a click of a button restrict the child into just pressing the button. It should be a little more than just noise or light. Make sure it engages in some learning or physical activity. You cannot expect a six month old to learn about animal sounds or the alphabets. But, a little texture or shape would be a critical tool in inducing cognitive development.

Check your child’s preference

What would a six month baby know about toys? Well, according to researchers, a baby starts to get preferences from 4 months of age. This preference comes from sight, smell, color, and sound. Your baby might not communicate this preference, but you can obviously notice the toys that the baby prefers. You need not buy every toy as a learning platform. Toys are for fun, and your baby can have a few for the fun of it.

Toys with small openings and holes

We talked about toys with small parts. But, it is also essential to check whether the toys have any small holes or opening. It might look large enough today, but your baby is growing fast. Pretty soon, it could be small enough for your baby to get fingers stuck in it.

Best material to choose for toys

If you plan to buy a cloth-based toy, it is best to choose natural fibers as they are less likely to cause allergy. You can find toys made with organic cotton, hemp material, and others. Such products do not have insecticides too. Plastic toys made from good quality plastic are good, but ones that come from third world nations with little to no regulations could be dangerous. If the toy is plastic and does not have a label saying ‘PVC-free,’ it is best to avoid such purchases.

The fear of lead

In recent years, a study found that many imported toys were high in lead content. Lead is one of the dangerous elements, especially for a child that is about to lick and bite that toy. It could be in the coloring pigment, material, or others. Thus, check the packaging for quality-check from any authorized government agencies. Most of the toy brands do not explicitly mention about lead-free features. But, accreditation from quality agencies would assure zero lead content and a healthy home for your kid.

As a last check, make sure to buy toys that are washable with water or sanitizers. Some parents tend to buy toys when they find the first signs of pregnancy. Thus, the toy might end up dirty even before the baby starts to play with it. Some parents prefer buying light-colored or white toys so that they will know when to throw those away. However, kids tend to get emotionally attached to the toys. You might see it as a dirty old white octopus, but for your baby, it is his best friend in the world. Thus, choose toys that are washable or at least the ones you can wipe with sanitizers without ruining it.