United India Insurance Mediclaim | Plans, Benefits, Coverage, And More

United India Insurance Mediclaim | Plans, Benefits, Coverage, And More

United India Insurance Mediclaim Company has been the pioneer of the General Insurance industry. It is operating in the general insurance business. The general insurance of several Indian and foreign insurers merged with United India. 

Soon, it became the leading public sector insurance entity in India. However, It is serving the customers at its best. It consists of policies serving the needs of its clients.

United India Insurance Mediclaim | Plans, Benefits, Coverage, And More
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Plans Offered By United India Insurance Mediclaim

United India Insurance Mediclaim continues to offer several different kinds of policies to match the needs and desires of its customers. Let’s get to the list of these policies below:

Family Medicare Plan

This plan is a family health insurance plan that offers coverage for the individual, their spouse, and the dependent children. It not only covers hospitalization costs but also gives a wide range of benefits.

As well, you will also get the premium discounts subject to fulfillment of pre-decided conditions. There is also a better version of the same policy. Moreover, this plan also covers Unani, homeopathic, and ayurvedic treatments. A policyholder can use it in case they want after agreeing to pay an additional amount of premium for it.

Get premium discounts that are given to the policyholder under this original scheme. Anyone between 3 months to 80 years is eligible under the policy. The policy amount can go up to a total of 10 lakhs.

Gold Health Insurance Plan

This plan allows the policyholder to choose to cover yourself and your family members. It allows for covering pre, inpatient, and post-hospitalization costs, coverage of Ayush treatments. 

However, there are some terms –

  • In a good insurance plan, treatments must be in government hospitals. 
  • Get Family discounts.
  • The policyholder decides to purchase the cover for not just themselves but also other members of their family.

Many conditions have to be fulfilled to make a claim. Children between 3 months to 18 years and adults between 36 to 60 years are eligible to avail of these benefits. The sum insured for a Gold Health Plans around 5 lakhs.

Individual Health Insurance Plan

This plan of United India Insurance Mediclaim allows the policyholder to take care of their individual health needs. A health insurance plan allows for covering daycare and other treatments. The United India Insurance Mediclaim Policies offer another distinct advantage. It provides discounts for their health plans. So that it will help bring down the amount considerably.

The Individual Mediclaim policy has three variants i.e. Platinum, Gold, and Senior Citizens.

Children between 3 months to 18 years and adults between 36 to 65 years are eligible to get the benefits of policy coverage. The sum insured for an Individual Health Plan can go up to 20 lakhs. It also covers pre and post-costs of hospitals. 

 Super Top-Up Plan (United India Insurance Mediclaim)

The policy gives add-on coverage to increase your existing plan. Here, you will select the sum insured and an amount that is deducted.

If the total claims incurred are more than the deduction, the plan will pay for the excess claim amount. It also includes hospitalization cover and is available for both individual and family basis. Anyone above 3 months is eligible to avail of the benefits of policy coverage. You will get coverage for many other treatments like balloon sinuplasty, oral chemotherapy, etc.

Top-Up Plan

In this plan, you get the health option. The point is that they match every claim against the total deductible limit.

If it crosses the limit, the additional claim amount would be payable. It also includes hospitalization cover (above the deductible amount), pre and post-hospitalization expenses. It is available for both individual and family bases. 

Anyone above 3 months is eligible to avail of the benefits of this policy.

Benefits And Coverage In United India Insurance Mediclaim

United India Insurance Mediclaim | Plans, Benefits, Coverage, And More
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United India Insurance Mediclaim Offers wide services to its customers through a varied set of insurance schemes.

 There are several advantages for those who decide to enlist the services of United India as follows:

  • The company offers insurance policies that allow for both individuals as well as family-based coverage.
  • Families can be covered under special plans for insurance coverage. These are for self, spouse, their dependent children as well as dependent parents (in many cases).
  • United India Insurance Mediclaim also gives the policyholder the benefit of availing of free health check-ups. After a specified amount of time but within the policy period.    
  • The company also has the facility of providing the policyholder with a no-claim bonus. In this case, they do not claim within the policy period.
  • This bonus is also provided in the form of an increase in the total coverage level.

Know More Benefits Here…

  • United India Insurance Mediclaim also provides the facility of optional coverage benefits.
  • Some policies from United India Insurance Mediclaim provide cover for domiciliary treatments. 
  • If a policyholder had to stay at home for treatment either due to lack of availability of beds in hospitals or due to the fact.
  • This policyholder enforces one to shift from there. 
  •  United India is a one-stop destination for all your general insurance needs is that their policies. 
  • They are renewable for as long as the policyholder wished them to be. 


Although United India Insurance Mediclaim has health schemes with an excellent scope of cover. These policies have certain exceptions. These exceptions are –

  1.  In case you have a Pre-existing disease, it will be covered only after a specified waiting period, which ranges from 2 to 4 years.
  2.  If you get infected with a disease within 30 days of purchasing the policy, that particular disease will not be covered.
  3. This insurance covers dental, cosmetic, and any experimental treatments.
  4.  Suicides attempted and self-inflicted injuries are not included in the cover.
  5.  This insurance plan also covers many sexual, venereal infections and diseases. 


United India has created a space for its competition with public or private sector units.  Indian public uses these plans. Since before independence, with the kind of benefits that this company offers. United India Insurance Mediclaim will continue to be the best entity of Insurance.