Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

In recent years, cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, FTP, One Drive, and Mega have taken root in helping users store any kind of data or files. Cloud drives save data online so you can access data on any computer if you connect to the internet.Google Drive and Dropbox are excellent cloud drives and most users have more than one cloud drive. As Google Drive provides an evident advantage over Dropbox, such as advanced search, increased visibility control, and cheaper pricing, many users seek ways to simply Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive, transfer Dropbox to Google Drive, or transfer Google Drive to Dropbox.

By uploading or downloading Google Drive Sync to Dropbox

If you ever need to sync Dropbox with Google once a while, the best way to sync Dropbox to Google Drive is by using a manual, good old-fashioned way.

You must arrange everything about this technique:

Step 1: Create a Google Drive folder syncing Dropbox files.

Step 2: Create a folder on Google Drive for files synchronized with Dropbox.

Step 3: Now create them in the dropbox folder as you work on files you sync with Google Drive.

Step 4: Download Dropbox files from your computer using a web browser or your desktop app.

Step 5: Upload sync files to the Google Drive folder from your computer.

Step6: It is necessary to have the files in both locations and to remove them from your Dropbox folder, so you are certain that they are uploaded and worked on correctly.

Why Transfer from the Dropbox to Google Drive?

Cloud storage devices are increasingly popular on computers with the development of technology. You can also use data on any computer if you have access to the Internet, as cloud storage devices store data online.

Dropbox and Google Drive are two well-known cloud drives, and more than one above-mentioned cloud drive can be provided for your specific needs. Since the differences in both clouds exist, you may want to find a tool that can move Dropbox to Google Drive easily.

How do you upload files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

  • Download and upload 

Cloud drives usually have the function to download and upload files, so that users can first download the files from the source cloud drive and then upload them to the target cloud. First, you must download files from Dropbox on your local machine and then reload them to your Google Drive, to move Dropbox to Google Drive. Follow the detailed instructions below to learn how to download and upload on Google Drive from Dropbox.

Step 1: Log in to your Dropbox account and click “My Files” Select and click on the “download” button to download these files on your PC.

Step 2: Click the “My Drive” button in your Google Drive account.

Step 3: To upload Dropbox files to Google Drive, please click “Upload files.”

The standard way of migrating to Google Drive from Dropbox:

Remember how we characterize slow and frustrating moving files from Dropbox to Google Drive?

Well, that is the way.

However, if you want to move a chosen number of files, this can still be helpful. You will then need to download Dropbox files to your desktop or laptop and then upload them to your Google Drive again.

How do you do it, here is it:

Step #1- Step Login and click Every File on your Dropbox account.

Step #2- Select and click Download the files you want to download. You start downloading your files to your device.

Open your Gmail account and then, on the top right of your screen, click on nine small items.

Step #3- After opening Google Drive, click My Drive and upload files.

Step #4. Select the Dropbox files that have been downloaded, and they start uploading to the drive automatically.

Migrate dropbox to google drive depends very heavily on your data size and Internet speed. The whole process would be quicker and vice versa, if your files are smaller and you have fast internet connectivity.

The smartest way to move to Google Drive:

We will show you how to download and upload Dropbox to Google Drive completely for free.

This can be very annoying for some people. First, let us show you an easier way.

Use of Wondershare inClowdz feature is included. You are asking yourself, what this is, an app from a third party. This application allows you to move files on the same platform from one cloud drive to another. You can also handle files using a cloud drive and sync two drive clouds.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

That is how files inClowdz are transferred to Google Drive from Dropbox:

Step 1 – On your PC, install Wondershare InClowdz.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 2 – Enter your details. If you do not have an account, you can easily do one.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 3 – Go to the right side of the app and click on the homepage of the app to Migrate.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 4 – Select the source and target cloud accounts with the “Add cloud drive” button.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 5 – Follow any cloud account with screen instructions.

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Step 6 – Select the source drive to move your files (Dropbox).

Transfer of data from Dropbox to Google Drive

Final word

You have now been admitted to transferring from Dropbox to Google Drive. It is an easy process. We have also explained why Google Drive must synchronize Dropbox and its variances.