The Ultimate Checklist for Anyone Who Is House Hunting Right Now

The Ultimate Checklist for Anyone Who Is House Hunting Right Now

Nothing surprises anyone in the hectic year of 2020. Despite all the different changes and events, home buying demand has increased this year. Are you one of the millions of Americans currently house hunting? It can be overwhelming for sure. That is why we made the ultimate checklist for house hunting with useful tips

Before you dive into the market, check out these helpful tips. They will make your search and process go smoother and quicker.

Knowing Where You Want to Live

If you’re moving because of a job or obligation, you may be limited in your location options.

For those moving to improve their situations, consider some of the following items:


Crime statistics

Distance from work

Parks and recreation

Everyone wants to live in a great situation that provides all the best amenities and stores. However, there’s a good chance you’ll have to settle for a few items instead of the entire list.

Prioritize what matters the most to you and your family when moving to a new location.

Visit Multiple Open Houses

A crucial part of buying a home is local research. In an appropriate setting like an open house, you can do more than just explore a home.

An open house allows you to gather information on the price range of homes especially those in the neighborhood you want to live. You can also see the design and eras of the houses.

By visiting multiple open houses, you’ll gauge the demand for homes. Ask the realtor holding the open house about the schools in the area and the latest gossip in town.

Scout Homes Being Sold by the Owner

You don’t have to use a real estate agent to buy a home. A lot of homes are listed by the seller with no real estate agents involved.

When you set up a tour, ask the owner why they are selling. The owner will have the best knowledge of the home. If they try to usher you out of a room or area, take it as a warning, but ask questions about it.

Without a realtor, you’ll still need to do a home inspection and have a lawyer look over all documents to ensure a legal and protected transaction.


Especially if you’re ready to buy a home right away, make sure you are pre-approved for a mortgage.

The pre-approval process doesn’t guarantee a lending institution will give you the exact amount you’re approved for, but it does give you a range. In some cases, a listing agent won’t show you a home without the pre-approved letter.

Don’t waste your time looking at homes you can’t afford. Get pre-approval and put to rest any worries about finding financing after spotting the perfect home.

Improve Your House Hunting

The house hunting journey doesn’t have to be a long or boring process. You can turn it into an adventure with the Checklist for House Hunting.

While the current year holds a lot of surprises, don’t let finding the perfect home be one of them.

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