Anyone who has experienced data loss, ask if it’s a fun experience and they won’t tell you. Well, the Free data recovery software process relatively simple and easy, if you don’t have anything like this in the event of a hard drive failure or a damaged drive, you will lose your dedicated data recovery tools that will be needed to help restore files and folders. Similarly, we have all known that Losing our saving data can cost you significant amounts of money and put your business at risk in the eyes of customers. It can also inform you of legal responsibilities in the event of loss or theft of our personal data.

Free Data recovery software should be an integral part of this scheme. Fortunately, there are many high-quality data recovery packages available for businesses in 2020. Although, if you use a data backup service, you should still have a worst-case data recovery plan. Here are the best data recovery software after reading this, you will know all the basics before investing in a file recovery solution.



EaseUS is the best free data recovery software right now. With an excellent 5-star decision from our expert review team, EaseUS is our pick for the best data recovery software options. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro features best-in-class data recovery, an easy-to-use interface, and first-rate support.

EaseUS does not exaggerate the “wizard” part of the title of this software; it is actually an “assistant” in the sense that something is good. Easing is an easy-to-use data recovery wizard that guides you step by step through the recovery process. Easy to run Data Recovery Wizard Pro has performed quite well since the disaster and will be able to revive almost everything from inadvertently deleted partitions to virus damaged files. The complete package is still one of the most economical solutions we’ve seen for the resurgence of locked RAID configurations; some packages hide this functionality in their premium versions. Therefore, Pricing starts at $ 69.95 for a one-month license, with a one-year license costing just $ 99.95. A lifetime upgrade license is available for $ 149.95. So upgrading to a paid license is a bit pricey, but the sheer number of features you can get for that investment means that it actually represents excellent value for money. And when you add great performance to this app, EaseUS’s responsive customer support, and clear user interface, you have a clear winner.

Steller’s data recovery:

Steller’s data recovery is one of the most popular free data recovery software services for businesses and for good reason. The platform comes with several scanning options, which means that you can tailor the scan to the type of data loss that has occurred. This saves time if you have deleted an important file and noticed it straight away, which means that a full system scan is not necessary.

Another important feature of Steller’s Data Recovery is its compatibility with all file formats and drives. It is a customizable provider that will recover data from hard drives (internal and external), memory cards, flash drives, and optical media like CDs and DVDs. However, with Steller’s advanced features, but it is still somewhat expensive. Six different plans are available, up to $ 299 per year free. Most businesses will be well served by the standard plan, which costs $ 49.99 per annual subscription.


Crashplan is a good option for small businesses. Crash works by backing up all your files to the cloud. It works in the background and performs a full backup of a PC. Organize everything in virtual repositories so you can quickly access the worst files. This is not the same as traditional file recovery applications, which we cover in this article, it is a backup service that is first and foremost, but it is so comprehensive that it almost matters.

Crashplan, as you see, stores absolutely everything. It takes a back seat and performs a complete and detailed backup of your entire machine, starting with the most recent files. Then it turns everything into virtual repositories so you can quickly access your most important files. However, it is critical that Crashplan also stores the files it has deleted. You can disable this feature, but we won’t – your backups are fully encrypted, so even those deleted files will be safe from prying eyes, and you’ll never know it will. Long-time discarded file, respectively.