Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Sister Britney Spears From Online Trolls

Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Sister Britney Spears From Online Trolls

Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears immediately came to her support when a troll passed a rather nasty remark regarding her mental health. There have been quite a few incidents when celebrities have opened up about mental health issues during this week. It started right after Kanye West’s campaign rally, and further online ramblings that led to the speculation. The 29-year old Zoey 101 alum shared a few tweets about mental health conditions from various celebrities on July 21. It was an initiative to normalize the stigma and misconceptions attached to mental issues.

In a recent Instagram post, Jamie Lynn Spears speaks about mental illness. She writes that if someone is dealing with mental illness, then all of us must understand the importance of the situation. Plus, we must respect the privacy of the person in concern, along with everyone who is trying to look after him or her. Jamie says that the entire behavior may look very weird to people in public. However, this is exactly what you must follow. She added that her prayers are for everyone who is going through a tough situation, and dealing with mental illness. Besides, no one is alone in this fight, and that a person must feel loved to recover.

People cannot understand positivity

Jamie Lynn’s beautiful message however faces the criticism of one person who ended up questioning the mental health of Britney Spears. The person asked Jamie Lynn Spears directly about her sister’s evident mental illness, and why she refrains from talking about the same. Jamie Lynn did not leave the matter and there and got back to the person sternly. She clearly said that no one has the right to talk nonsense about Britney. Besides, it is her wish to protect the privacy of her sister and to not make her matters and health public news. Jamie Lynn Spears added that her elder sister Britney is a strong, unstoppable, and badass woman, and that is the only part that is truly evident about her.

Jamie Lynn’s comments and posts were put just a day before Britney’s hearing session about her long-running conservatorship. According to a source close to the family, we get to know that Britney, along with her father Jamie Spears was supposed to appear in an interview about the status of her conservatorship on July 22. The hearing schedule was communicated six days post, Lynne Spear, Britney’s mother appealed to the court to be a part of any decision regarding her finances.

Fans seem worried about Britney Spears

It has been quite some time since fans are constantly speculating about the singer’s mental health. The movement of #FreeBritney was trending while her fans were demanding her release. They believe that the pop-star was living a restricted life under all the conservatorship conditions. However, neither her family nor the 38-year old singer herself has commented about these things in public. We all know that Britney was put under a conservatorship by her father. It was after the singer had a meltdown in public. Later, there was also an incident that took place at the UCLA Medical Center’s psychiatric ward back in 2008.

In 2019, Britney appeared in public and made a shocking announcement. She said that she was about to take an indefinite break from work leading to a pause in her Las Vegas Residency. After two months of her announcement, the singer went into a mental health facility in California. She stayed there for a month and left after that. According to a representative, she was feeling much fresh and rejuvenated. While on one hand, Britney Spears was constantly trying to break free from her conservatorship after her release from the mental hospital, things don’t seem to work in her favor. Now the duration of her conservatorship has got an extension till the mid of August.

A source close to Britney says that the singer feels that she does not want to get back to work anymore. The most important reason for such a decision is that she wants to break free from the conservatorship. She also dislikes the fact that her father gets around $10,000 monthly to take care of her finances.