How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes

How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes
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To begin with, Thanksgiving is never counted as complete without a big turkey dish on the dinner table. This delicious main course is what everyone waits for throughout the year. So, are you inviting someone special this festive season for turkey dinner? Well! We have a perfect guide for how to deep fry a turkey? A deep-fried and juicy turkey is a fulfilling dish. One full-grown turkey serves up to 10 people at a time. Are you a first-time cook? Well! It would be exhilarating! However, equally scary because turkey is enormous to handle. Therefore, you may be nervous. 

How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes
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So, don’t worry! Let’s start learning with the step-to-step guide for how to deep fry a turkey? 

List of Ingredients to deep fry a turkey

  • 15-20 pounds Turkey
  • Refined Oil (Peanut oil/sunflower oil/corn oil)
  • Marinade (a preferred mixture of spices or Dry Rub)
  • Electric Turkey Fryer (All Equipment – pot, turkey stand, skewer, injector, and thermometer)
  • Napkin rolls or paper towels
  • Poultry Shears or scissors
  • Safety wears (eyewear, oven gloves, and latex rubber gloves)
  • Fire extinguisher (in the case of explosion)

Step 1: Set Up the Turkey Fryer

One of the most-effective ways to cook a juicy turkey is by using a turkey fryer. It comes with proper space. Not only this but according to chefs, the Turkey fryer ensures that turkey absorbs minimum oil. Thus, it makes up for a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. So, for how to deep fry a turkey using a turkey fryer? Here’s how to set it up for outdoor use: 

How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes
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  • Adjust all the equipment carefully (if it is not installed beforehand).
  • Set up an LPG Gas cylinder or electric burner out in the garden for safety. 
  • Avoid setting up the fryer near combustible objects like wood decks. 
  • Heat up the fryer at 165 Fahrenheit or more (never less).
  • Fill oil and allow it to heat up to 350 Fahrenheit (never more).
  • Avoid touching the fryer (once it has heated up) with naked hands. 

Step 2: Get the Pot Ready

Now that you know all the warnings regarding turkey fryers set up let’s get the pot ready. 

  • Place the pot on the burner. 
  • Keep the flame on the sim. 
  • Fill the pot with oil. 
  • Now, heat up the oil at excess flame. 

Tip: Set up the oil thermometer to keep track of oil’s heat capacity. Make sure it does not pass 350F. 

Warning: Oil thermometer must also be in touch with the oil, and not only the burner. 

Step 3: Prepare the Turkey

How to deep fry a turkey can be a little tricky for first-time cooks. It is because excess moisture and excess fat can cause your turkey to taste raw even after deep frying. Hence, follow-up the given steps keenly: 

  • Take a few paper towels.
  • Place the turkey on a wooden platter.
  • Now, pat each part of the turkey with a paper towel. 
  • Do not dab very hard. Use a soft hand. 
  • At last, ensure that there’s no excess moisture. 

Once all or most of the moisture is removed, it is time to get rid of extra fat. That’s right! To begin with, 15-20 pounds of turkey can have a lot of fat in the thigh area. 

How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes
Source: Epicurious
  • Place a few paper towels on a wooden platter.
  • Now, place the turkey carefully on it. 
  • Carefully spread the turkey’s leg.
  • Use poultry shear to cut out the unwanted fat. 

Tip: use soft hands to spread the leg. Hence, it does not break or appear out-of-shape. 

Step 4: Marinate it!

  • Remove all the paper towels from under the turkey. 
  • Take a bowl full of dry rub or marinade as it times to spice things up!
  • Wear latex rubber gloves, first of all. 
  • Now, rub the marinade (a combination of spices) all over the turkey.
  • Make sure that you cover all the inner areas as well. 
How to deep fry a turkey? – Thanksgiving Special Recipes
Source: Martha Stewart

Tip: For extra spicy and extra juicy flavor, you can use both dry rub and marinade. Furthermore, always remember to use latex gloves; otherwise, the marinade can cause your hands to burn later. 

Step 5: How to deep fry a turkey? Final Step!

  • Clean the skewer or hook with a clean rug. 
  • Now, hook the turkey’s one end to the skewer. 
  • Use the other handle to carry it. 
  • Wear safety goggles beforehand. 
  • Make sure that you are wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt. 
  • Check the oil thermometer (must show 350F).
  • Remove the thermometer. 
  • Stand a foot away from the burner.
  • Now, slowly dip the turkey into the pot/hot oil.
  • Turkey will start frying immediately.
  • Keep holding it for 3-4 minutes/per pound (maximum 5).
  • Hence, at least 45 minutes/15 pound turkey.
  • Slowly and carefully take it out. 
  • Let all the extra oil dropdown. 
  • Now, place the hot turkey on a wooden platter or pan.
  • Inject probe thermometer to check the temperature. 
  • It should be up to 165 Fahrenheit (never less).
  • Place some paper towels over and under it. 
  • Let it rest for 30 to 45 minutes. 


When it comes to cooking a turkey for a special occasion, it must come out perfectly. But does it? Well! More often, first-time cooks either fry it less or overly fry it due to all the mathematics involved! Don’t worry! Here’s an easy explanation to fix your turkey dinner: 

  • turkey/1 pound (Frying time: 3 minutes for neither less nor overly cooked/roasted flavor) – 350°F
  • 10 Pounds turkey (Frying time: 30 minutes) – 350°F
  • 20 Pounds turkey (Frying time: 60 minutes/ 1 hour and 10 minutes) – 350°F

Here’s a fun fact! More often than not, people often complain that dark meat turkey does not cook as good as white meat; however, the cooking process is the same. Well! There’s a loophole in here! Actually, dark meat turkey needs to be fried up to 175°F because of much drier skin quality. On the other hand, white meat turkey smoothes quickly. 


Do you know what makes the best turkey in the world? To begin with, it is the freshness and some extra efforts that you must make. So, let’s take a glimpse of the following tips to deep fry a turkey at its best: 

Avoid Overfilling the turkey pot

For the most part, juicy turkey does not mean overfilled with oil. But, juicy turkey means average spicy and moisturized. Hence, the best way to fill a turkey pot with oil is by using water beforehand to check how much oil is required. 

Don’t stock up months before Thanksgiving

More often than not, people stock up on frozen turkey beforehand, i.e.., months before the occasion. However, frozen turkeys do not go raw very soon. But, sometimes, if you cook an old turkey, it will slightly taste weird. Thus, it is recommendable to purchase a fresh turkey 1-2 days before the occasion. Apart from this, make sure that there’s no moisture left on the surface. 

It is because the combination of oil and moisture is quite odd. Indeed, the oil may splatter when it touches moisture. This can cause your burner even to explode. 

Do a little extra for flavor!

Once your delicious big turkey is deeply fried, you are welcome to explore your creativity. That’s right! Although dry rub or marinade gives enough taste to the turkey. But, if you like, you can stuff it further. Or, give a touch of lemon to it. There’s no harm in a bit of sour touch. What do you think? 


To begin with, many cooks have tried stuffing a turkey after deep frying it. However, it does not turn out to be a good idea. Why? Well! Mainly because by using this way, the flavor of turkey and the flavor of stuffing may not match. To avoid this, it is recommendable to stuff turkey when it is raw. And then, simply roast it. Here’s how to stuff a turkey in 4 simple steps: 

  • Remove the Giblet to make enough space for stuffing. 
  • Use dry rub or marinade to add spices inside the turkey. 
  • You can also use butter to give a juicy flavor. 
  • Now, there’s hollow space starting from the neck cavity. 
  • Use a spoonful of stuffing and carefully fill the turkey with it. 
  • At last, use the skewer to attach/close the space. 
  • It will protect the stuffing from falling out. 
  • Apart from this, tie up the turkey’s legs together. 
  • Finally, roast it at 75 degrees celsius. 


So, are you ready to cook the best turkey for your someone special? Well! You have found out everything you need to know in this reading. For more tips, come back to us or bookmark us for more updates.