E-Cigarettes and Fire Alarms – Everything That You Need to Know

E-Cigarettes and Fire Alarms – Everything That You Need to Know

Many vapers are concerned that vapor from their devices will set off fire alarms at home and other institutions. Fire alarms, also known as smoke alarms, are fire safety devices that work by detecting a certain amount of smoke and them setting off the alarm.

One argument by many people is that there is nothing to detect since these devices produce vapor and not smoke. With varying types of smoke detectors, some may detect the vapor as smoke and consequently trigger the alarm. On the other hand, others will not.

Let us look at different types of fire alarm technology and how they react to vapor.

Ionization-Based Detectors

This technology is trusted for its effectiveness. It uses the ionization technology between two charged plates that should set off the alarm when broken by smoke. Because smoke and vapor are different, it is not common for the latter to cause any challenges. However, thick vape clouds can break the ionized charges and set off the alarm. Experts say that it is not common, however.

Photoelectric-Based Detectors

These detectors are also very common these days. They use sophisticated technology that is very accurate. Light beams cut through the atmosphere around the detector, and if they are broken by enough smoke, the alarm is triggered. Vape clouds or vapor is likely to set off the alarm if this smoke detector is used.

However, experts say that vapor has a lower probability of triggering the alarm compared to the actual smoke. The type of e-juice used also matters. Thus, as you check here to buy an e-hookah, understand whether it produces heavy vapor or not.

Heat-Based Detectors

Unfortunately, they are not very common because they are not very effective. It is not a must for the smoke to generate enough heat to set off the alarm. These detectors cause less trouble for vapers even in a small room. Many people have enjoyed vaping around them without any trouble in the past.

Precautions to Take

Although the cases of vapor setting off the alarm are not very common, you can see that it is a possibility and one has to take necessary precautions. If you are staying in a hotel or vaping in a restaurant, you need to check with the management about whether there is any problem if you proceed.

If you are not sure, it is better to open all of the windows to allow the vapor to escape outside. Better still, enjoy your favorite vape on the balcony if there is one.

In an extreme case, it is better not to vape. The places where you should not vape include airplane toilets, small hotel rooms, and other sensitive areas. If you are suffering from nicotine withdrawal and you have to vape, it is good to speak to the people in charge to find a solution.


Smoke alarms are all over the place in buildings these days. Airplanes, trains, and transport vehicles also have these devices. One should not assume that they are not there and start vaping. It is good to care about other people that you are sharing such spaces with.