Don’t Get FR44 Insurance Until You Read This!

Don’t Get FR44 Insurance Until You Read This!

There are at least 814 alcohol-related driving fatalities every year in Florida, and 63.4% are from drivers with a high BAC or blood alcohol level. The state’s popularity as a vacation destination makes it a common spot for these crimes.

Important laws and regulations fight against the problem by ensuring that drivers with previous DUI convictions work to be safer. One of the most important is the requirement for FR44 insurance.

This certification is the first step in reinstating your license after a DUI, fatal crash, suspension, or similar event. It reassures insurance companies that you’re safe to insure and helps you meet all the requirements in your state.

You should always be aware of what a policy includes, how much it costs, and how to get it before you need it. Read our FR44 insurance guide to learn everything you need to know.

FR44 Insurance

FR44 insurance is not a full policy but a certification added onto it that replaces the SR-22 certification required by most states. It’s a necessary part of the license reinstatement process in Florida and Virginia.

FR44 insurance shows you’re financially responsible for your auto policy. It proves that you’ll obtain the required legal amounts of coverage and stay safe on the road in the future.

Obtaining F244 insurance is an easy but critical process if you want your license back after a severe alcohol-related accident. You need to know when it’s necessary, how to get it, what it covers, and how much it costs.

Who Needs It?

The law requires all drivers to have an auto insurance policy but only mandates FR44 in certain cases. You’ll need it if you:

  • Have been convicted of a DUI
  • Got in an accident that caused bodily harm while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drove with a suspended license
  • Violated any DUI or suspended license laws

If you’re unsure of whether you need FR44 insurance, ask a lawyer and/or the local DMV. They should let you know more about the requirements and where to get it if you need to.

How Do I Get It?

The first step in getting FR44 insurance is to apply for a traditional insurance policy. Research companies to choose the best one that will accept you.

Ask for an FR44 form when you purchase a traditional auto insurance policy. The insurance company will file it electronically for you and set you up.

Getting F244 insurance without a vehicle means applying for non-owner insurance. This coverage protects you when you drive a vehicle you don’t own.

Most cases require you to maintain FR44 insurance for at least 3 years. Check with your DMV to see how long the duration is in your case.

What Does It Cover?

FR44 insurance lets insurance companies know you can meet double the minimum liability requirements for at least 3 years. Obeying these laws keeps gives you better insurance options and allows you to reinstate your license sooner.

The minimum FR44 insurance requirements in Florida include bodily injury coverage of $100,000 bodily injury per person and $300,000 per accident as well as $50,000 in property damage coverage.

Your FR44 insurance policy must include at least this level of coverage to be valid. Look for an insurance company that offers the right policy at the best possible rates.

Non-owner FR44 insurance doesn’t include the same elements as an owner policy. It covers you when you drive someone else’s vehicle but does not include physical damage or personal injury protection.

Meeting the minimum requirements is essential to help you drive legally, but going no further than the basic plan can cost you later. Choose a policy with as much coverage as you can get to protect you in the event of any further accidents or damage.

How Much Does It Cost?

Insurance companies rarely charge the same rates to two different drivers, and this applies for FR44 insurance policies as well. They determine the cost on a case-by-case basis,

Factors that affect the price include your age, marital status, driving record, and location. The premiums will be higher than traditional insurance because the policy is considered high-risk. They may increase even further if you have any subsequent convictions because the rates for first-time offenders tend to be lower.

Despite the differences in rates available from different companies, there is an average number you can expect to pay. Most FR44 insurance policies cost at least $2,500 per year.

You’ll have to pay the entire amount upfront or in 6-month increments. Ask how much the company you choose will expect you to pay and include the amount as part of your budget before signing off on a policy.

Drivers who say, “I can’t afford FR44 insurance” should ask themselves if they can afford to go without it. The penalties for not maintaining proper insurance coverage include suspension of your license and reinstatement fees of up to $500.

The best way to get the cheapest F244 insurance rates is to shop around. Research all the providers in your area to see what they offer and how much they charge. Start here for more information and FR44 insurance quotes.

Where Can I Learn More?

Florida is a frequent vacation destination and a hotspot for alcohol-related crashes. State laws require specific types of insurance for drivers with previous convictions.

FR44 insurance is a certification that lets you meet the minimum policy requirements in your state so you can get back to unrestricted driving sooner. It requires upfront or 6-month payments, and getting as many quotes as possible from a variety of providers ensures you get the best rates.

It can be expensive to maintain this type of insurance on top of your regular auto policy, but it’s worth the investment to avoid penalties and fines. It also encourages drivers to remain safe and avoid driving under the influence.

The general insurance FR44 requirements aren’t the only thing to consider when trying to get your license reinstated. Read the rest of our content for more facts you need to know to keep driving safely.