Convert PDF To Word For Free Using PDFBear

Convert PDF To Word For Free Using PDFBear

As we move on to a more connected world, office work is becoming more and more web-based. Accounting, human resources, and even inventory are now being outsourced worldwide. With administrative jobs being worked on the world over, it only fits that the tools we have are also available over the Internet. Or at least, in the device that you are doing work for PDF convert by PDFBear.

Converting PDFs is one of the most important tasks when it comes to PDF editing. Often, if you work with papers and files every day, you will be asked to convert the contents of a shared PDF file to Office-based formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. This means that you will need some tools to make the transition smooth and seamless successfully, and in this article, we’ve listed down some effective ways for you to do just about that.

Use a web-based application like PDFBear

The proliferation of the Internet has emphasized browser-based applications to become consistent and powerful tools for office workers worldwide. A decade ago, converting PDF files online was not a great experience – at all. You’ll have to wait for ages for the site to load, and when it does, the upload time will be the next one to endure. That’s a thing of the past nowadays, as the coverage of the Internet worldwide has since drastically improved.

Web-based applications, like PDFBear, are focused on PDF individual edits, like converting PDF to Word online, password protecting PDF, and more. If you want to convert a PDF file to an editable Word file, you’ll need to choose the PDF to Word converter. Make sure it’s not the Excel or Powerpoint converter that you’ve chosen. After that, you’ll need to upload the PDF file that needs to be converted. Files shouldn’t have a size larger than 100MB, lest you won’t have a seamless operation ahead. 

Wait for the browser-based application to upload the file. If you worry about your file’s privacy being compromised, then don’t worry. PDFBear is one of those browser-based application suites that have in-site SSL encryption. Plus, all files uploaded to the site’s server are deleted after an hour. When converting, choose the option with OCR so that the resulting Word document from your PDF file has editable elements.

It means that you can directly edit the texts and other elements from the Word document after you’ve converted it with the OCR option. If you don’t go for OCR conversion, the resulting Word file from your conversion will just be a JPG of the PDF pages put in a Word file. If that’s what you’re going for, then converting without the OCR option should be your choice.

Difference against competitors

There are several PDFs to Word browser-based converters out there. That’s just a fact. But what sets the PDFBear’s suite of applications is that they are individualized, so every specific operation gets a separate, standalone, browser-based tool. Do you want to convert PDF files to other types of office files? You can do it efficiently using PDFBear. If you want to enjoy PDFBear without the ads, PDFBear PRO lets you convert files without anything bothering you. 

Free third-party standalone software

Of course, for work desktops and laptops around the globe, the default option for converting PDF to Word is third-party standalone software. Stand-alone software that mainly edits corrects, converts, and encrypts PDF is usually bought. Or have a yearly or monthly subscription. There are free options, of course, but you’d need to scour the Internet for great recommendations first. PDFBear allows you to use their server for free. If you’re looking for more advanced PDF tools, subscribe to PDFBear PRO. PDFBear is safe to use and reliable. 

Choose the best online converter tool like PDFBear

To make sure that you are converting the right way, try the processes mentioned above first. Then decide what the best process for you is. Take note that “the best process” will have to be the most convenient with the resources that you currently have. For example, web-based PDF applications are usually good to use when you are out of the office or don’t have access to your desktop-based tools. PDFBear can be accessed at any time of the day and converts files for you in less than 2 minutes!