Best Travel Guide for Things to do in Hurghada

Best Travel Guide for Things to do in Hurghada

Best Things to do in Hurghada City

For those who are looking for a distinctive destination to visit and spend their vacation at, they will find that Hurghada city is on the top list of the most recommended relaxation tourist destination and there, you will get the best chance to relax, enjoy, and do several activities indoors and outdoors. Hurghada is located at around an altitude of 11m above the sea level and it is known with its pure white sands and incredible resorts & hotels and that is why it is the first choice for travelers who want to relax and get rid of the whole tension of life. Each moment of your vacation there will be so interesting and will continue lots of fun and enjoyment especially if you are with the person you love the most.

What to do in Hurghada??

There are many options for the things that you can enjoy while being in Hurghada and such options allow visitors to spend a really unique adventure that differs from enjoying the amazing beauty of nature, to visit the beautiful landscapes, and doing some impressive water & land activities and here are some of the most astonishing things that you can enjoy while being in Hurghada:

  • Enjoy a visit to the Reef Diving in the Careless Reef caves

The caves of the careless reef is a very popular diving site in Hurghada where there are lots of coral forests & dozens of amazing types of colorful fish including hammerhead shark, jacks, and tuna. It is located between two towers and it is 16m deep. Visitors can enjoy the most spectacular diving options there and get the best chance to have both professional and less experienced dives based on your request.

  • Head to the amazing Monasteries of St. Anthony & St. Paul in the Red Sea

Egypt is the home to the most extraordinary gorgeous churches in the world and only 45 km from Hurghada towards Beni Suef, you will find yourself in front of the wonderful St. Anthony & St. Paul which are two ancient Coptic Monasteries which date back to the 4th century. St. Anthony monastery is considered the greatest & the most sacred site in Egypt and there, they celebrate Saint Anthony who is the monasticism father. Tourists also go hiking through the Mountain of Galala Al-Qibliya until they reach the monastery of St. Paul.

  • Enjoy Hurghada Parasailing Adventure

Among the most exciting adventures that you can enjoy while being in Hurghada is booking a parasailing adventure through which you will find yourself flying close to the sky and above the sea surface. It is such an enthusiastic adventure that will make you be very happy & thrilled. It is something really interesting and deserves your attempt.

  • Have a Snorkeling excursion in Hurghada

No words can describe how amazing it is to enjoy a snorkeling trip in the quietist cities of the Red Sea. Beauty there lies on every part of the city and it provides its visitors with the best chance to soak up the sun and enjoy the fantasy of its crystal water during their vacation. The most recommended snorkeling spot in Hurghada is Giftun Island. In order to head there, tourists get on the board of the snorkeling boat and head on a 45 minutes cruise. You will have lots of time to relax and explore the beauty around them. You will also be able to explore some amazing hidden water resources and some exceptional fish forms & coral reefs so don’t miss such a terrific experience in Hurghada.

  • Get amazed while boarding a Sinbad Submarine tour beneath the Red Sea water

You still have the chance to have a closer look at the marine life in Hurghada beneath the water of the Red Sea without even getting wet and you can do so while being on the board of a Sinbad submarine and experience the magical beauty of the wild life below & the spectacular coral reefs. There are also some well- designed windows that show you the whole surroundings on the board of your submarine and this is the perfect chance to provide tourists with the best underwater escape.

  • Enjoy Nightlife in Hurghada

Hurghada city is very popular with its nightlife which is not less beautiful than the activities that you can enjoy during the daytime. You can head to the amazing clubs, restaurants, and cafés that are located on each spot in Hurghada and enjoy a night full of excitement and joy. You can also join a party at your hotel where you will dance in harmony with the sound of music and sometimes, there are live concerts with real singers to enjoy the best night. 

  • Meet the amazing Bedouins through a Desert Safari

Among the most interesting activities that you can do while being in Hurghada is heading to the Eastern Desert and enjoy a remarkable Desert Safari by Quads. Once you arrive, you will meet the kind Bedouins who will be waiting for you to introduce their culture and customs to you and they will also prepare the best BBQ dinner for you to enjoy sunset. Some of them also play drums and sing Arabic songs so you will enjoy dancing over the golden sands and forget all of the hardships that you have ever faced in life. That is not all as you will also have the chance to ride a camel there and there are so many other amazing details that you will never forget so enjoy your safari from Hurghada.

  • Camp at night in Hurghada

Get away from any hustle & bustle of urban life and enjoy the most spectacular daring adventure in Egypt and go on a camping expedition at night in Hurghada and it is definitely going to provide you with the absolute relaxation you deserve under the beautiful sky that is full of stars and lightened up with the glory of the moon. 

  • Try to attend Alf Leila W Leila Hurghada Show

It is the most popular shows in Hurghada which shows some of the greatest ancient Egyptian mysteries. You will enjoy hearing there some of the most wonderful Arabic music and attend some amazing shows of dancers and artists there. It is a show that will make you, your family, and friends get very exciting and having lots of fun.

  • Don’t miss a visit to Giftun Island in Hurghada

Giftun Island is the second largest Island of the Red Sea and it is known with its rare coral reefs, beautiful colorful fish, and more than 790 different species of coral fish. You will also find there some beautiful birds, sharks, and other fascinating creatures which will you experience nature as never before. Tourists consider that are a spectacular spot and the most important spot for the whole marine activities including diving since it contains more than 14 diving sites and it is formally announced to be a highly protected area and safe for all tourists to enjoy their diving excursions there.

There are also extra amazing things to do in Hurghada and from Hurghada to some of the best Egyptian cities including Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan to have the best adventure you have always wanted in a great land like Egypt so we recommend to check and start planning your next adventures now in the land of Pharaohs and it is guaranteed that you will enjoy a lot.