Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season


 Nothing takes our breath away, quite like a stunning bride beaming on her special day. And who better to look to for some bridal style inspiration, especially when it comes to the ultimate finishing touch—your wedding hairstyle. So, we bring to you the Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season.

Your bridal hairstyle deserves as much attention as your sartorial and makeup choices. An outfit worn with a different hairstyle can change the look, and hence, what kind of bridal hairstyle you choose for your wedding festivities should be a thoughtful decision.

We will ensure that your bridal hairstyle perfectly compliments your wedding looks. Here we bring you the best 13 bridal hairstyles for the wedding season. Whether you have long hair or short hair, it doesn’t matter. Here you have a plethora of bridal hair inspiration that you will need to make your special day even more stunning.

Things to remember

But mind you, a bridal hairstyle is no more about setting up your hair in a fancy hairdo and adorning it with flowers. In today’s time, a bride’s hairstyles is a speaks about her nature and resonate with her personality. For instance, sleek, tight buns depict elegance and class, whereas loose open wavy hairdo represents a playful and fun-loving persona. So, select what screams your styles and matches with the mood of the occasion.

Right from best floral hairstyles, to braided ones to ones with hair accessories. This blog is a virtual haven for bridal hairstyles. Thanks to the immensely talented hairstylists who are continually coming up with new and drool-worthy bridal hairstyles. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the mesmerizing world of bridal hairstyles.

The best 13 bridal hairstyles for the wedding season have been divided into South Indian bridal hairstyles, modern bridal hairstyles for long hair, and also for western short hair brides. So everyone has a choice to make according to style preference and their hair length.

South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

An epitome of elegance, simplicity, and sheer charm, South Indian brides keep us smitten all the time. We love how they look classic in the most effortless way possible. Be it their traditional Kanjeevaram sarees or extravagant temple jewelry, each aspect of South Indian brides makes us go swoon over them again and again.

However, a South Indian bridal look is incomplete without an elaborately adorned hairstyle. Be it their Jada-covered long braids or flower bouquet buns; South Indian bridal hairstyles are a definite visual treat to eyes. In comparison, traditional South Indian hairstyles are raging traditions. But brides are also introducing putting new hairstyles on the table, and we’re in complete awe. Swooned by their sheer gorgeousness, here we enlist some of the latest bridal hairstyles for South Indian brides. Whether you an authentic traditional reveler or looking forward to trying out something modish doesn’t matter. Hence, these gorgeous South Indian Bridal Hairstyles are all you have to seek inspiration from.

1. Sleek, tight bun- Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding

A picturesque tight donut bun wrapped around with gajras.

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

2. An embellished bubble braid- Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding

A wondrous bubble braided-hairstyle for South Indian brides, with dainty stone embellishments scattered randomly!

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

3. Tight bun adorned with artificial flowers- Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding

Don’t underestimate the charm of simple bun hairstyles! See how stunning does this bride look with her chic and elegant simplistic floral hairdo.

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

4. A unique sectioned braid

Braids are a significant part of a South Indian bride’s look. While most adorn it with gajras and judas, you can take the uncommon route and try out this unique braid hairstyle. This hairstyle features semi-open hair and a bubble braid that’s adorned with dainty golden pins.

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

5.A floral bouquet with a traditional brooch accessory

A lot of modish brides are swearing by the raging trend of floral aromas. South Indian brides, too, can check out this lovely yet classic hairdo that’s beautifully adorned with rose petals, baby breath flowers, a variety of roses, and faux floral pins. However, to keep the South Indian aesthetics intact, a traditional brooch has been set in the center.

Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

6. Fishtail Braid

This style looks great for any wedding festivities, especially celebrations at the pre-wedding day. here’s how you can achieve this look

  • Part your hair into two sections.
  • Take the first section as one-third of your hair and leave another backside.
  • Start the fishtail way braid through braiding your hair in the first section.
  • Secure end with elastic.
  • Use great bobby pins at the end.
  • Mix both hairs and leave by your side.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • It is excellent for any pre-wedding festivities.
  • Those with an oval-shaped face or diamond shape face with straight hair looks great.
  • Furthermore, you can be worn in winter’s wedding times.
  • Women below 30 yrs look great with this look.
  • Compliment this bridal hairstyle with a western and modern gown or traditional lehengas as both will look good.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

7. The Triple Braid Bun

It is among the best-suited wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids on the big day. Let us see how to do the process.

  • Make three separate braids by taking three parts of the hair.
  • Converge all the braids to one point.
  • Make a soft bun at the end.
  • Then make backward French braid from front locks and do all the sides the same thing.
  • Make sure to get them all middle to form a bun.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • This style is best suited for any face type for any hair type in wedding functions.
  • This wedding hairstyle is the bridesmaid who can be suited for the wedding day.
  • Women with any age can wear this, preferably below 30 yrs old.
  • It can be best suited for the summer season.
  • This hairstyle is best suited for long wedding gowns only.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

8. The Buffed Pin-ups

With a sweetheart neckline and a bunch of white roses in your hand, this is the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day. Now let us learn how to do the process.

  • Now begin by sectioning your hair in two parts.
  • The lower section ends up in a low pony.
  • For the upper section, leave equal locks on the front and tease the rest of the hair properly. Now loop it within the pony.
  • The side locks will then be rolled and pinned along with the pony for the look.

Additional Tips for This Hairstyle:

  • It looks great for any wedding festivities even as guests and the bride’s friends.
  • Those with any face type can rock this look with curly hair or wavy hair.
  • Women of any age group can look right here.
  • Compliment this with traditional dresses better.
  • You can try this hairstyle in any season.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

9. The Twist

Keeping it simple is as easy as it gets. A small twist and tuck are just what you need to keep the look going. This hairstyle is primarily for the brides who would instead choose simplicity over extravagance. Over the heavily ornamented draping, flaunt a flawless head of hair with the front two locks tied and knotted in a twist pinned down with bobby pins.

  • These simple wedding hairstyles are best suited for prolonged, straight, and wavy hair best. And further, those with an oval and diamond-shaped face can look at their best.
  • This style is a bridal and wedding reception kind of hairstyle.
  • Those women from age 20-30 can look at their best here.
  • The best season to wear this hairstyle is during winters.
  • Western long gowns and wedding gowns will suit best for this best bridal hairstyles.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

10.  The Under Band

It’s always preferable if you can add a little embellishment to your everyday look. The do starts with a loose front lock curled and styled while the rest of the hair is tied into a pony at the back. Now section out the pony into three-four parts and tie it into a bun with the band placed underneath to add to the zeal of the look. It’s one of the most popular bridal hairstyles which is very fine with losing a curly band.

  • Firstly,this is among the best wedding hairstyles which looks great for those with oval-shaped face and straight hair.
  • Secondly, it’s best suited for a wedding sangeet night or cocktail party.
  • Thirdly, Women between the age of 20-30 can wear this better.
  • Best season to wear this in any season.
  • Lastly, this hairstyle looks good for both western gowns or traditional dresses/ethnic wear.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

11. The Outer Band

Much like the lower band here is yet another band embellishment bridal hairstyle, this time on the outer side of the bun. However, this bun is quite different than just a regular bun. To start the hair from the crown is sectioned out and puffed up eventually being pinned by the band. Now section out the hair into different assortments, rolling them and tucking them underneath the band thereby making a bun in the process. This is indeed one of my favorites among the best 13 bridal hairstyles for the wedding season.

  • Firstly, this best wedding hairstyle is best suited for those with diamond or squared face shape with curly hair or wavy hair.
  • Secondly, this one best suited in any season, especially summers.
  • Thirdly, women of any age can wear this better.
  • This style is best for a wedding reception or parties.
  • lastly, long gowns or traditional dresses can suit this better.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

12.  The Side Roll

A classic Indian bridal hairstyle would mean some rolls and tucks here and there. The back of the look depends entirely on what the bride’s preference is but for the front. Section out equal chunks of the front lock and start twisting them back until you reach the middle before pinning them both to the back look.

  • Firstly, this traditional bridal hairstyle suited for those with diamond or oval-shaped faces with any kind of hair.
  • Secondly, this style is best for any season.
  • Thirdly, try it at any wedding event.
  • Best suited for women before the age of 35 yrs.
  • Lastly, this hairstyle is best for lehengas or gowns.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season

13. The Top Pin-up

A high knot is the best especially for the summer weddings when hair and makeup can be a real high maintenance ordeal. Hence, the best way to deal with this would be a summer knot on the top ornamented by flowers and bands. However, you can start the look with a simple pony and then curl it individually into a high bun.

  • Firstly, it is a best-suited hairstyle for those with a squared or oval-shaped face with straight hair only.
  • Secondly, it is best suitable for a Christian ceremony wedding.
  • Thirdly, this hairstyle is best suited for wedding gowns.
  • Women from any age group can wear this well.
  • Lastly,these wedding hairstyles are best for summer.
Best 13 Bridal Hairstyles for the Wedding Season


Hope you like our bridal hairstyle article. Given the several wedding celebrities, we have given you the best bridal hairstyles which can suit your festivities and celebrations. Hope to hear your feedback about the same in comments.