A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.

A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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Are you a big fan of American sitcoms? Do you often watch dramedy sitcoms to pass the time? Are you aware about the Last Man Standing Mandy: the most popular high school girl. If the answer is Yes! You are aware of the popular show “Last Man Standing”. Initially, Its first episode aired on FOX on October 11, 2011. We will discuss all the details of the show in this article. Also, The Last man standing Mandy, was one of the famous characters. Going further, we will put a spotlight on each of the characters one by one. 

Last Man standing: An American Dramedy Series.

A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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Jack Burditt was the creator of this show. It was initially aired on ABC(American Multinational Commercial Broadcast Television). However, due to some unknown reasons, it later started on FOX. Moreover, this show is a joint production of 20th Television, Nest Egg Productions and 21-Laps -Adelstein Productions.

Also, Tim Allen, an American actor and comedian, is the star of the show. He played an employee at Outdoor Man: Sporting goods chain located in Colorado( Denver). Mike, aka Tim, has three beautiful daughters. Also, he is the grandfather of his eldest daughter’s baby boy.

For six seasons(2011-2017), Last Man Standing was successfully released on ABC. Later, in 2015, ABC started leasing the right to broadcast this program which led to the program entering Syndication.

Moreover, there was no particular reason to lease the right to broadcast this program. Also, in 2016-17, the Last Man Standing was the second-highest-rated sitcom on ABC. Despite such good numbers, ABC rejected the request to renew the show for another season. Rumours are that ABC was not ready to take the initiative of production cost-covering for 20th Century FOX Television.

However, taking the vast fan base under consideration, FOX chose to renew the show for another or seventh season broadcasted on September 28, 2018. It is currently running with the expansion to the eighth and ninth seasons. Finally, the show will wind up on May 20, 2021, after completing 194 episodes. Last Man Standing Mandy was one of its most popular characters. The audience applauded her performance in the show.


As discussed above, The plot of the show revolves around a man Mike Baxter(played by Tim Allen). He works in Outdoor Man: a sports goods store chain(head office in Denver, Colorado) in a senior executive and marketing director position. He had a complete family, including a beautiful spouse Venessa, three beautiful daughters and By(his grandson). However, his life took a dramatic twist when men started dating his daughters and interfering with his life.

Last Man Standing: Cast and Characters:

Main Characters:-
  1. Tim Allen:- 

    A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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Tim Allen is the main character of the show. Michael Martin Mike Baxter, or simply “Mike”, is the old man of three beautiful daughters. Mike works at a sporting goods chain at a higher position and is satisfied with his life. He is a married man and a big supporter of American old customs and values. His wife’s name is Vanessa. He gives respect to the United States old tradition and is very conservative with his political views.

Moreover, Ryan, his son-in-law(who is the father of his grandson Boyd and married to his oldest daughter) and co-worker, is the reason for his annoyance. Furthermore, Mike loves his work and often travels for days to promote his gears and accessories. Also, he has a busy life working on various photoshoots and analysing. The series begins with Mike working out of his office in Denver as his company made some changes and started advertising in a digital form. Furthermore, Mike does a Vlog(Video Blog) for his company for promotion, which he also uses to express his political views. Also, Mike completed his graduation at the University of Michigan, which he is very proud of. But, he does not know how to operate the radio and uses the callsign KA0XTT.

2. Nancy Travis:-
A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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Nancy Travis aka Vanessa Baxter. She is playing the character of Mike’s wife. Vanessa Baxter works in an energy-based hydraulic fracturing(fracking company) industry. She is appointed as a geologist in the company and finds her job monotonous. Later, Vanessa decides to teach science in a high school in the fourth season. This happens due to the tedious job routine and Ryan’s (her colleague) constant harassment. Now, having minimal income as the teacher, she starts to struggle. She tries to stop her husband from further investment in his company’s vlog.

Moreover, despite having no money, she used to pass her husband’s money to her good-for-nothing sister, April. Finally, Vanessa decides to leave the school job and start as an entrepreneur in the tutoring business because of the budget cuts and economic issues. Moreover, Vanessa has strong political views and is a feminist. She is a great supporter of Hilary Clinton for president and believes that it will help advance women’s position in society and politics. She played the character of a woman dependent on wine and drinking profusely. His husband and daughters are against it and often mocks her. She is more accomplished than her husband and loves to brag about it all the time. She is an Ohio State University graduate and has a Master of Science and PhD in geology.

Despite Eve’s interest to join the US military forces, Vanessa bullies her to attend college and do a PhD). Vanessa has a long list of boyfriends who dumped her, which she is not proud of. Vanessa tries hard to prove herself correct politically but usually remains unsuccessful. She loves to stick her nose in Mike’s business which leads to disasters many times.

3.Amanda Fuller(Season 2- present) and Alexandra Krosney:-

A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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Both of them played the character of Mike’s oldest daughter Kristin Beth Baxter. Kristin is very different from her father. Unlike Mike, she possesses liberal views on politics. Her thoughts on Christianity are not specified as she is not a great believer. Initially, The character of Kristin is a single mother living under her father’s roof. She became pregnant with her son during her high school senior year. However, later in the season two finale, she moves out and reunites with Ryan Vogelson, his baby boy’s father. Moreover, the couple gets married in season 4. In season one, Kristin starts a new job at a diner. However, she gets an opportunity to work in a prestigious restaurant whose owner is her former colleague at the end of season two.

Kristin is a hard worker and acquires the position in his father’s company Outdoor Man as the new wild game restaurant manager. Being accused of Nepotism by her co-workers, she started working day and night on her new position. However, her father and ED continuously tell her that she is not hired based on Nepotism and deserving. Furthermore, in season 8, she becomes pregnant with her second child. She tells the gender of the baby to her father, Mike and convinces him to keep it a secret. Later, in episode 18 (Garage band) of season 8, She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Evelyn( after Eve).

4.Last Man standing Mandy:- stars Molly Ephraim and Molly McCook:

A popular and most-watched TV series: Last Man Standing.
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They played the character of the middle daughter, Amanda Elaine “Mandy” Baxter- Anderson, in their respective seasons. The last man standing Mandy, is one of the most popular characters appreciated by the audience. She is neither intelligent as Eve nor working as Kristen. She is fond of bunking classes and not doing homework. Also, she flirts with teachers for the sake of good grades. However, her social skills are excellent, and she is good with people. She is the most popular girl in high school with a bad reputation. The last man standing Mandy’s character is played by Molly Ephraim from season 1 to season 6, and then the remaining seasons are played by Molly McCook.

Moreover, She has a perfect fashion sense and is interested in building a career in the fashion industry. She has dated nearly every handsome male in her school, including fellow students and teachers. This is the only way she could ever graduate high school. Moreover, She has a creative mind and a confident personality( traits present in his father). Bur, on the other hand, is too lazy and self-obsessed. Also, she never follows any rules and loves to break them. She is an underage drinker and marijuana smoker. Also, her father catches her several times for staying out all night without permission. Shoplifting from his father’s company is her favorite way of passing the time. But, she also has a caring and generous heart. Once, she gave a makeover to her friend’s relative to have a good impression on her interview.

5. Kaitlyn Dever:-

Kaitlyn Dever plays the character of Eve Bexter, the most favourite and intelligent daughter of Mike. She plays the main character from season 1-6 and recurring from 7-present. She is the youngest and is a mirror image of his father, Mike. Just like his father, she likes sports, guns, camping, and the military. Also, She is athletic, and her only dream is to join the US military.

She has strong social and political opinions, just like her father. She is her father’s favourite child and very good at studies. Not only does she excel in her grades, but also, she plays soccer with her school’s football team and excels at it. Daddy’s favourite girl is well-aware of her position in the family but never took advantage. Eve has a god-gifted excellent sense of humor and is very witty.

Later, she takes a year gap and applies for the Air Force Academy and gets the acceptance. However, her mother was against her applying for admitting to the Academy, but she listened to her heart and enrolled herself. Moreover, in the later seasons (from season 8-present), She is a recurring character.


In the end, I hope you like the detailed version of the main character of Last Man Standing Mandy . Don’t forget to watch all the seasons. Good luck and take care!