6 tips for decorating your home

6 tips for decorating your home

If you’re looking to redecorate, you may be wondering where to start and how to make it easier. We know that it can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you with your redecorating and get your home looking like new!

  1. Keep it neutral

If you’re planning to paint the walls, you’ll probably have spent quite a lot of time umming and aahing about which colour to choose. When you’re picking your colours, it’s best to stick to mostly neutral shades. These tones will make rooms look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. 

This isn’t always the case – feature walls can be a great way to add some vivid colour without going overboard. Some really popular hues for this include –

  • Royal blue
  • Emerald green
  • Deep red 
  • Sage green
  • Dark grey
  • Mustard yellow
  • Blush pink. 

These are all stunning colour options and can transform your room without being too overwhelming. 

2. Declutter

When you redecorate, you will want to spend some time decluttering your house to both make decorating easier and make your home look even better after you’ve finished. Decluttering involves getting rid of things that you no longer need, and can be incredibly therapeutic, especially in households that are full of stuff. 

Decluttering first will usually make the decorating process easier as you’ll have less things in the way. Spend some time going from room to room and getting rid of things that you no longer want. It will help your home feel bigger, more organized, and make all the difference after you’ve finished redecorating your home!

3. Take it one room at a time

You may only be redecorating one room, in which case this shouldn’t really be an issue, but in some homes the whole house is getting done at the same time which can become chaotic and make it even harder. To keep on top of the work and to avoid making everyday life difficult while you’re in the redecorating period, do one room at a time. This way, you can limit the mess that comes with decorating and make everyday life easier until the house is finished. 

4. Utilise the walls

Especially in smaller homes, using wall space can really expand your options and let you make the place your own without it feeling too cramped and busy. It’s also a great way to personalise your home as you can hang almost anything up that you like, and put up as much or as little as suits you. A popular trend is using mirrors as décor on the walls, as it helps to make rooms look bigger and can be a good alternative for those who want to put something up without it being too attention-grabbing. Tapestries are also another common wall hanger, giving the added bonus of offering patterns you likely wouldn’t be able to get on the walls otherwise. 

5. Outline your budget

This is possibly one of the most important tips that you need to take into consideration when you’re planning to redecorate. Whether you’re just doing minor work to spruce the place up or you’re planning a full renovation, you want to know how much money you’ve got to spend on your project and how realistic it is to complete on that budget. Before you start, sit down, and outline exactly what you want to do in the house and work out how much you can spend on doing so. You’ll then need to make sure that your budget is enough for what you want to do and that you’re not planning for failure from the start. 

You can research how much the improvements that you want to make cost or ask people that you know have made the same improvements what their budget was. Spend time doing some cost comparisons so you know that you’re getting the best deal on the items that you’re buying and keep a note of what you’re spending each time, so you know that you’re still in your budget. Once you start, you’ll be impressed at the improvements you can make on a low budget – but you need to plan carefully and monitor it each step of the way!

6. Know what your goals are

When you start any project, you want to know what the plan is and how to get there. As a homeowner, the reason that you’re redecorating is really important to staying on track and making decisions about the budget that you move forward with. If you’re redecorating your home, for example, you may spend more than you would if you’re doing up a rental property – you would also likely do it in a different style to make it more appealing to a larger audience rather than personalising it for yourself. Similarly, if you’re redecorating to sell and you want a quick house sale, you might choose to make small but visual improvements to interest buyers and help you achieve your goal. 

There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use when you’re redecorating your home to make it easier for you, and we hope that these ones help!