5 Steps to Get a Used Car Exported from Japan

5 Steps to Get a Used Car Exported from Japan

The cost efficiency and first-rate performance are what sets the Japanese used cars apart from others. No wonder that people from all over the world vie for these vehicles. The emergence of many service providers in this space has made it easier for people across the globe to get used vehicles from Japan exported to their destination port without any hitch.

If you are interested to know the steps involved in purchasing a second-hand car from genuine Japanese exporters, then you are at the right place. This post will take you through the steps

1 – Pick your chosen vehicle

You don’t need to visit the showroom. All you need to do is log online and view the different cars listed on the site. You can filter the results by auto brand, the year range, or the type of car. This option filters the results to show exactly the kind of vehicles you are interested in. Then you can check the details like prices, photos, and the total cost of exporting the car from Japan.

2 – Send enquiry

Once you have made the selection of the second-hand Japanese car you like, you can place an enquiry. You can request an invoice for your preferred vehicle. Once you approve it, you can mail the company so that they will set aside the car just for you.

3 – Make payment

Make the payment via bank transfer or PayPal and send the proof of payment. This step will allow the supplier to begin processing the paperwork needed to export the car from Japan to your nearest port. They will take care of the customs formalities from both nations. This way, you get a seamless car buying experience without any hassles of the car being stuck at any of the two ports.

4 – Shipping of the vehicle

Once the company receives the payment, it makes arrangements for safe and secure transportation of the car at the next available shipment.  You get the option to track your shipment and check the expected date of delivery of the four-wheeler. You may need the documents from the Japan port to show at your nearest port. Hence, the company will courier the documents needed to clear the customs formalities in your home country. By the time the vessel reaches your home country port, you will be ready with the necessary documents.

5 – Collecting the car

Now you will have the necessary documents to let the car pass through the shipping customs. You can arrange to get it transported from the port to your residence. You can enlist the help of a clearing agent so that you can drive away in your car.

To sign off

These were some of the steps you need to be aware of when procuring a second-hand car from a genuine Japanese exporter. Get in touch with a known supplier. They showcase a range of sedans and SUVs in showroom-like quality. You rely on their team to arrange for shipping the cars from Japan to your nearest port.