5 Road Rage Accident Statistics That’ll Shock You

5 Road Rage Accident Statistics That’ll Shock You

When you think of the term road rage you probably think about the time that you got cut off on the highway and you sped up to pass them. Or maybe you think about the time that someone tailgated you because you were driving under the speed limit.

There is so much more to road rage than that quick flash of anger that you may feel or may have been the victim of. Continue reading to learn about 5 of the most shocking road rage accident statistics in the United States.

1. Road Rage & the Average Aggressor

While men between the age of 25 and 35 are the more aggressive driver, they aren’t the most susceptible to experience road rage. Teenage males, under the age of nineteen, are more likely to take part in aggressive behaviors than anyone else.

Even though young men are more likely to be aggressive drivers, anyone can exhibit signs of road rage. Road rage can affect anyone behind the wheel. It’s more likely to occur when the aggressor is already stressed by some external force.

2. Road Rage & Aggressive Behavior

78% of drivers admit to taking part in aggressive behavior while driving at least once every year. Nearly 8 out of 10 people have exhibited reckless driving habits at one point or another in the last year.

Half of all road rage victims find themselves retaliating to the aggressive behaviors of others. This involves honking of the horns, rude gestures, and tailgating after the first offense.

3. Road Rage & Victim Fatalities

In traffic accidents, 66% of fatalities are the result of aggressive driving. More than half of the fatal car accidents could have been prevented in the event that the drivers weren’t aggressive.

A slight bout of road rage can be escalated by interacting with the aggressor. If you find yourself in this situation, continue practicing safe driving, and ignore the other driver. You might just prevent a tragic accident.

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4. Road Rage & Acts of Murder

There’s no doubt that road rage causes accidents. Out of those accidents, there are approximately 30 road rage deaths each year that are considered to be murder.

Approximately 37% of the fatalities in road rage incidents involve firearms.

In 2019, a man shot and killed a young woman during a bout of road rage. The two had a minor car collision about an hour before the man saw the woman drive back through the area and was angry enough to murder her.

5. Road Rage & Preventable Injuries

Over 12,000 injuries that occurred in car accidents could have been prevented. The injuries that come as a result of road rage are thoughtless acts that could have been avoided had the aggressor not let their anger get the better of them.

Shocking Road Rage Accident Statistics

These shocking road rage accident statistics aren’t meant to scare you, but to make you a little more aware of your actions when you are driving.

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