5 Mean Motorcycle Mods to Customize Your Ride

5 Mean Motorcycle Mods to Customize Your Ride

Whether it is a new motorbike that you just bought or a years-old bike that you own, whatever the case maybe you cannot be a true motorcycle enthusiast if the thought of modifying it has not crossed your mind. As much as riding a motorcycle is fun and entertaining tweaking it for peak performance and enhancing its beauty, useability, and power with custom parts and accessories is a pleasure that only true bike lovers understand.

Are you a motorcycle lover too and cannot wait to customize your bike’s look to feel like its really yours? Then you are in for a ride. Riding factory outlet bikes are for starters to own a bike and feel it like it is yours. Here are the top 5 mods of customization you can make to your bike to rev up its looks and performance.

1. Get a custom exhaust

Nothing says like ‘style and power’ like a ‘Vharumm’ of a powerful engine ignition sound coming from a custom made exhaust. Changing the exhaust of your bike is a whole lot different as compared to cars. Because in cars exhausts are mostly hidden underneath the car’s body. On the contrary, in bikes, the exhausts are not hidden and can be seen properly by everyone as there is no area to hide them.

And the reason they are to be displayed, they are carefully designed and manufactured to look very stylish so they can increase the performance and look of your two-wheeler.

2. Lose some weight

Weight is the number one culprit that can bring down the performance of your vehicle without letting you have any idea. Most motorcycles are usually heavy and too much metal can bring down or even limit the potential of customize your ride performance.

Therefore losing weight by removing heavyweight parts by custom light parts can significantly increase your bike’s acceleration and performance.

3. Get rid of those factory tires

Believe it or not, those factory tires of your bike is going to get you in hot waters sooner or later. As a motorcyclist, you will go to many different road trips and will go through all types of terrains. And what parts of customize your ride are responsible for dealing with that ground problems? Yes, you guessed it, the tires!

When you do though all types of terrains it is highly possible that you will get a flat tire in the middle of the road sooner or later. And that can be a problem because it is highly possible that there would be a mechanic or an auto shop that can help you nor you can carry a spare tire around with yourself. Therefore it is best that you replace your tires with inflatable heavy-duty custom tires.

4. Aftermarket accessories

You can not only enhance your bike’s looks and aesthetics but you can also include the factor of safety and usefulness by equipping your two-wheeler with aftermarket accessories. You can accessorize your bike by equipping it with custom indicators, tire lighting, motorcycle luggage bags, and so on. Equipping lighting based modifications will increase your visibility in the dark areas and accessories like luggage bags can provide you the facility to carrying your useful items and belongings around with you.

To find the best aftermarket luggage bags we suggest you check out Viking Bags motorcycle tank bags and Viking bags motorcycle trunk bags collection to find a suitable and stylish bag for your ride.

5. Guard that engine

Customizations have their place when they are combined with the factor of safety it not only increases the looks of your vehicle but also increases the safety of your motorbike’s parts so that they can be protected in case of crash or other types of accidents.

The engine is one of the most important parts of your bike and if it gets damaged or rusty your motorbike will lose it’s worth and overall performance. To prevent such fate it is best that you guard customize your ride engine by installing modified engine guards that act as a barrier between the engine and the ground and take all the impact in case of a fall keeping your engine safe.