4 Reasons Why Gaming Is the Best Job in the World

4 Reasons Why Gaming Is the Best Job in the World

It was only recently that the words ‘gaming’ and ‘job’ could legitimately be mentioned in the same sentence. However, what was for many years viewed as the domain of the lazy and ambitionless has today become one of the emerging frontiers in remote work. This change has largely come about because of the success of video streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube which allow you to monetize views when you have enough of a following. 

Today, an increasing number of talented gamers are choosing to pack in their 9-to-5 in favor of going full time as an internet gamer. In this article, we will cover a few of the reasons why becoming an online gaming content creator could possibly be one of the best jobs in the world.

1. Freedom

One of the worst things about a regular job is the obligation to be in a certain geographical location for a set number of hours every day. While it can be nice to spend time with our colleagues, if you ask most people, they would probably trade it all in for a chance to stay at home.

The beauty of becoming an online gaming content creator is that you are freed from having to turn up at the office. You can start and finish work when you please and stay up as late as you want without fears of missing your alarm in the morning. 

2. Money

If you manage to create a successful gaming channel, the sky really is the limit as far as earnings potential is concerned. Twitch and YouTube reward their content providers handsomely if they bring significant traffic to the site. 

As the manager of a successful gaming channel, you also have the opportunity to sell ad space on your page or set up lucrative affiliate marketing links. 

3. Community Interaction

Many people who set up a gaming channel say that the thing that they love the most about it is the sense of community that they get from other fellow gamers. Many people make connections that they value with people that they count as friends. In a world where people seem to be moving apart more and more, this is an extremely valuable thing!

4. Passion

At the end of the day, we all want to be doing something with our time that we feel is worthwhile. If your passion is playing games, there truly can be no better way to earn your living than by spending as much time on your console as possible and gaining the adulation of your followers for your skills and thrilling gameplay. You may never look back if your channel hits the big time.

People who think that the opportunity to play games for money is a pipedream should think again. Today, there are any different ways that you can monetize your gaming passion, and this article presents some good reasons why you should look into it without delay.