4 Questions That Homeowners Ask About New Window Installations

4 Questions That Homeowners Ask About New Window Installations

If you own a home for a few decades, there’s a good chance that new window installations will become necessary. When the day arrives, you want to make smart choices about those new windows. One way to make sure that happens is to talk with a contractor from the best window company in Calgary and ask a few questions. Here are four that need to be on your list.

Can I Really Have My Windows Replaced Any Time of Year?

Some may be surprised at the answer, but the fact is that you can have the windows replaced just about any time of year. Weather is always a factor, so don’t expect much to happen on days when it rains. Even so, it is possible for new window installations during the winter. This is true even if there’s snow on the ground.

Keep in mind that some seasons are better simply because the weather is more likely to be cooperative. Late spring, early summer, and into autumn are all good choices. Even so, don’t put up with damaged windows if it happens to be winter. Contractors know how to get things done even when it’s cold.

Am I Stuck With the Same Style?

Some homeowners assume there’s only one window style that will work with their houses. That’s not the case. In fact, many home designs will look even better if a different window style is used. That’s particularly true if the style used before was one that is no longer all that popular. Making a change could give the house more of a timeless look rather than making the place look somewhat dated.

If you’re not sure how to select a different new window installations style, ask the contractor for suggestions. In an era when software can provide a good idea of how your home would look with different styles of windows, it will be easy to find something that you truly like.

Is It True That I Might Qualify For Some Sort of Rebate?

It’s true that windows meeting certain qualifications may be eligible for some type of rebate or possibly a tax break. It all boils down to the energy ratings for those windows. If they meet or exceed the criteria set for receiving the benefits, you could end up receiving some type of rebate or tax break for each window that you replace.

If you’re not sure how to claim a rebate or how you would qualify for a tax deduction, talk with the team at the Edmonton office of Canadian Choice windows and doors company. They can explain how this works, help with the paperwork associated with making the claim, and in general make sure you know how to get the most from this benefit.

How Long Can I Expect the New Windows to Last?

Quite a few factors go into determining how long those new windows will last. The windows themselves, the quality of the installation, and even weather conditions from year to year make a difference. The same is true for the amount of upkeep and maintenance that you do.

Generally speaking, you could get anywhere between thirty and fifty years from those new windows. Some have gotten more than that.

Remember that contractors are always happy to answer questions. The ultimate goal is to ensure you’re comfortable with the choices for the new windows. Feel free to ask anything that comes to mind and listen closely to the answers. Doing so will increase the odds of enjoying those new windows for decades to come.