4 Must-Have Camping Accessories for Your Pickup Truck

4 Must-Have Camping Accessories for Your Pickup Truck

For a moment there, camping season looked as though it might have to pause for 2020, to resume the following year. Luckily, thanks to the quick and tireless efforts of public health leaders and front-line workers, and thanks as well to communal efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, the great outdoors is back on the schedule. Read on to find the camping accessories for your pickup truck.

Summer – and this summer especially – is the perfect time to get out of the house, stretch your legs and flex your outdoorsy side. And there’s no better way to do that than with a camping trip. 

If you’re the proud owner of a Ford F-150, you’re already aware what a versatile and powerful tool it can be. It’s the perfect work vehicle, the perfect family vehicle and the perfect vehicle for joy rides around the neighborhood. But did you also know that it’s great for camping? 

If you don’t have a Ford F-150 yet, visit this Surrey Ford Dealership to get a great deal on a new or used truck. And with a few accessories, you can turn your Ford F-150 into a mobile, all-in-one campground. Here’s how!

Truck Bed Tent

The ultimate camping hack, this easy addition to your pickup truck means that you can pitch a tent wherever you park. 

Truck bed tents are easily assembled to cover your truck bed, with a rain fly and zipped opening over the tailgate. The flat surface of your truck bed eliminates the need to find a flat ground surface when you camp, which can be particularly difficult in the rugged landscape of the Pacific Northwest. For further comfort, also check out truck bed air mattresses. 

Pop up Awning 

If you’re already planning on pitching a tent on the ground, but are looking for a reliable area to set up a table and lounge area, consider a truck awning or pop-up sunshade. There’s a range of these products on the market – some that attach to toppers or caps and extend the side, and others that attach to campers from the rear. You can even DIY an awning, with a couple poles and a rainproof tarp. Any way you do it, it’s a far more reliable cover than attempting to string a tarp over some nearby branches!

Hitch-Mounted Grill

The ultimate in outdoor cooking convenience, a hitch-mounted grill turns any space into a personal BBQ pit. Often used by football tailgaters, these grills come in handy when you want to roast a few hot dogs on your camping trip but can’t wait for the campfire to light. Some intrepid campers have even made their own DIY hitch mounted grills, but it’s quite an undertaking. 

Electric Cooler

Finally, if you’re heading out for a long camping trip and find that your traditional ice cooler is inadequate at keeping your food from spoiling, consider investing in an electric cooler. These nifty coolers plug into your truck’s 12-volt input (or a power inverter) and ensure your food and beverages stay cool and dry. They cost more than a conventional cooler, but are well worth the price. 

If you plan on escaping to the great outdoors in your Ford F-150 this summer, outfit your truck with these must-have camping accessories. Happy trails!