Why is it important to do well in school?

Why is it important to do well in school?

Students who do well in school are better able to make the transition into adulthood and to achieve occupational and economic success. Given the specialization required for many jobs these days, young people who are entering the job market do need a substantial base of knowledge and, in many cases, specialized skills.

What is the purpose of school essay?

An essay prompt can help your students explore what drives them, showing them a reason to take on challenges in learning.

What are the four basic purposes of school?

As you think about the four basic purposes of school: academic (intellectual), political and civic purposes, socialization, and economic purposes, what do you think?

What is the main purpose of a school?

“The main purpose of the American school is to provide for the fullest possible development of each learner for living morally, creatively, and productively in a democratic society.” “The one continuing purpose of education, since ancient times, has been to bring people to as full a realization as possible of what it …