What are key evaluation questions?

What are key evaluation questions?

Key Evaluation Questions (KEQs) are the high-level questions that an evaluation is designed to answer – not specific questions that are asked in an interview or a questionnaire.

What is evaluation technique?

Evaluation techniques are often divided into quantitative and qualitative. You are likely to use both when evaluating information projects. Instead, we describe the different evaluation techniques that can be used, and indicate the purposes, strengths and weaknesses they each have.

What’s an evaluation question?

Evaluation questions articulate the main issues that will be explored by the assessment. They are usually developed after the goals and objectives of a programme have been decided and the activities to support those objectives have been determined.

What is a process evaluation plan?

Process evaluation is used to monitor and document program implementation and can aid in understanding the relationship between specific program elements and program outcomes. The scope and implementation of process evaluation has grown in complexity as its importance and utility have become more widely recognized.