What do you expect from a college English class?

What do you expect from a college English class?

In fact, you should expect to perform several tasks in a college English course, including conducting close readings on assigned texts, composing research essays and analyses, developing critical-thinking skills and learning the appropriate ways to revise your papers.

How can I be successful in college?

Success in College GuideDevelop a college plan.Identify your goals and priorities.Prepare academically for college.Prepare financially for college.Manage your time.Practice good money management.Ask for advice, and see your academic advisor.Get around roadblocks.

What is a successful student in college?

Successful college students are the ones taking initiative in all areas. Students who take initiative feel more confident, achieve more, and overcome their fears more easily than others. Start taking more initiative by becoming a doer instead of waiting around for someone else to take the lead.