Has 500 words been Cancelled?

Has 500 words been Cancelled?

A former member of the 500 Words team said: “This competition is the BBC at its best. That’s why it’s so shocking that it has been stopped.” The decision is understood to have been approved by Helen Thomas, who took over as Radio 2’s new head of station last month.

How do I sign up for 500 words?

We can only accept entries that have been submitted through our online form, using a registered 500 Words account. Parents, guardians or teachers can create a SUBMITTER ACCOUNT HERE once the competition is open. Entrants must follow steps 1-6 on the submission form to save their story as a draft, before submitting.

Is Chris Evans still doing 500 words?

DJ Chris Evans is to continue his 500 Words contest on his Virgin Radio show, starting by asking children to write stories on a Black Lives Matter theme. He launched the competition in 2011 on BBC Radio 2’s breakfast show, and it was carried on by Zoe Ball after he moved to Virgin last year.