Do you include the in acronyms?

Do you include the in acronyms?

(Acronyms are abbreviated words that can be pronounced as actual words, e.g., NAFTA or AIDS. Initialisms are abbreviations that must be pronounced as letters, e.g., LCBO.) Use a definite article with an initialism if the spelled out term begins with the but is not covered in the initialism.

What is another word for initials?

Similar words for initials: monogram (noun) trademark (noun) contract (verb) engrave (verb)

What does abide mean?

to remain; continue; stay: Abide with me. to have one’s abode; dwell; reside: to abide in a small Scottish village. to continue in a particular condition, attitude, relationship, etc.; last.

Are initial and final synonyms?

Wiktionaryinitial(adjective) Antonyms: final. initial(adjective) Chronologically first, early; of or pertaining to the beginning, cause or origin. initial(noun) Spatially first, placed at the beginning, in the first position; especially said of the first letter of a word. initial(noun) Synonyms:

What is the opposite word for initial?

last, final, closing.

How do you spell final?

Correct spelling for the English word “final” is [fˈa͡ɪnə͡l], [fˈa‍ɪnə‍l], [f_ˈaɪ_n_əl] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What’s another word for final?

Some common synonyms of final are last, terminal, and ultimate.

What is a final?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : not to be altered or undone all sales are final. b : of or relating to a concluding court action or proceeding final decree. 2 : coming at the end : being the last in a series, process, or progress the final chapter final exams.