How do I turn my essay into an article?

How do I turn my essay into an article?

10 Tips On How to Turn Your Essay into A MasterpieceWork on the topic. A good outline. Get relevant resources. Understand your ideas and points. Learn from essays written by people. Select the right words and apply them well. Make your essay captivating. Showcase your knowledge on the topic.

How do you rewrite an article?

Seven Superb Tips for Effective Article RewritingReread the original article several times. If you’re having problems rewriting, reread the original passage over and over again. Write your own introduction. Add headings and subheadings. Use graphics. Share your ideas. Put a few links. Rearrange the content.

What are the steps in writing for publication?

A Six Step Approach when writing for publicationStep 1: Read to write. Step 2: Select the journal you intend to write for. Step 3: Avoid writing the article before you plan what you have to say. Step 4: Contact the editorial team. Step 5: Use the journal as a template for structuring your writing.

How do I submit to GQ?

GQ Submission GuidelinesPhone: (Fax: (Market Type:Magazine.Accepts: Interviews, Profiles.Web Address:

Does Esquire still publish fiction?

Oh, sure, The Atlantic still has an annual fiction issue (sold on newsstands but not sent to subscribers), and Esquire runs fiction online if it’s less than 4,000 words. But only Harper’s and The New Yorker have remained committed to the short story.