Do I need to cite page numbers?

Do I need to cite page numbers?

Page numbers are required for in-text citations when quoting, and recommended when paraphrasing: For in-text citations, the page number always appears in brackets at the end of the sentence where you used the citation. If the source has no page number, use the paragraph number or section heading instead.

How do I edit mendeley citations in Word?

Place your cursor anywhere within the highlighted section of your reference in the Word document. 2. Click the ‘Edit Citation’ button in the Mendeley toolbar. When the pop-up opens, click on the reference you would like to add page numbers to.

How do you edit in text citations?

CitationsOpen your EndNote library and your Word document.Select the formatted citation to be edited by moving the cursor to it.In Word’s EndNote ribbon, click the “Edit & Manage Citation(s)” button. Alternatively, right-click and choose “Edit Citation(s)”7 days ago

How do you update citation numbers in Word?

5) To update all of the citations (i.e., all of the fields), click on “Ctrl” and “A” (which selects the entire document). Then click on F9 which will update all of the fields. You can also right click on any one citation and select the option to update the field, if you only wish to update that one citation.