What notice do you require before joining the Post?

What notice do you require before joining the Post?

The most common time frame for starting a new position is two weeks after you have accepted the job offer. That’s because companies assume you will offer two weeks’ notice to your current employer.

Will Infosys extend joining date?

They will extend your joining only if there is some genuine medical issue otherwise it is quite difficult. If they haven’t replied yet, then be prepared to join on the mentioned date only and you can later discuss the issue with your HR.

Does Infosys send rejection mail?

INFOSYS DOESN’T SEND REJECTION MAIL . IF YOU HAVE ATTENDED OFFCAMPUS INTERVIEW , RESULT WILL BE DECLARED WITHIN 15 DAYS . You only get a rejection mail if you’re not selected after the interview.

How can you convince HR to extend joining date?

Hence, may I humbly request an extension to the commencement date for me at your organization, of which I am very keen to be a part of? I do want to exit the current organization on good terms as well as fulfill my obligations to them, being a responsible employee. I thank you for your kind understanding on my request.

Can we attend Infosys interview twice?

No ,you can’t participate again. According to Infosys policy you have to wait for 9 months and then you can apply again.

Is Infosys Interview easy?

Cracking the Infosys interview to get a job was not an easy task for me. One thing which stood vital for all of the student who participated along with me was that the candidate should not have a gap of more than two years in education.