How do you write a good class discussion?

How do you write a good class discussion?

Starting a discussionRefer to questions you distributed. Make a list of key points. Use a partner activity. Use a brainstorming activity. Pose an opening question and give students a few minutes to record an answer. Divide students into small groups to discuss a specific question or issue.

What is group discussion explain its characteristics?

Group discussions are a creative and dynamic activity which stimulates reflective thinking among the members. Group discussions may be defined as an activity in which a small number of persons meet face to face and exchange and share ideas freely or attempt to reach a decision on a common issue.

How do you approach a group discussion?

Do:Model the behavior and attitudes you want group members to employ. Use encouraging body language and tone of voice, as well as words. Give positive feedback for joining the discussion. Be aware of people’s reactions and feelings, and try to respond appropriately. Ask open-ended questions. Control your own biases.

What is group discussion method of teaching?

Group discussion is a child centered strategy, in which students are divided into groups and they are encouraged to discuss on the subject matter given. Group discussion is dominated by the teacher. After giving lectures teachers encourages the student to participate in group-discussion.