What happens to Hal and Dave and how does this outcome support his argument?

What happens to Hal and Dave and how does this outcome support his argument?

What happens to HAL and Dave, and how does it support his argument? In the film, Dave was almost sent deep into space to die by his defective supercomputer. This resulted in the astronaut disconnecting the memory circuits that oversee Hal’s brain. This supports the argument conveyed by Nicholas Carr.

What does Nicholas Carr want us to consider in his article?

Nicholas Carr asks us to question whether Internet actually making us more superficial and scattered in our way of thinking. He argued that search engine such as Google, allow students to find information instantly, while skipping the process of understanding the concept of our learning.

What is Nicholas Carr’s argument?

Carr’s main argument is that the Internet may have detrimental effects on cognition that diminish the capacity for concentration and contemplation. Carr’s 2010 book, The Shallows, develops this argument further. Earlier in his career, Carr served as executive editor of the Harvard Business Review.

Can cell phone damage your brain?

Cell phone radiation has been classified as a “possible human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization. Yes, this is true! It poses an increased risk of brain cancer from heavy, long-term use.

Do phones cause memory loss?

Psychologists have maintained for long that stress can cause amnesia or affect the memory adversely. But that is not the only reason. Excessive use of mobile phones, apparently, can cause memory loss in humans.

Is texting making us dumber?

A linguistic study found that people who regularly text message are less likely to accept new words, as opposed to those that read more traditional print media such as books, magazines, and newspapers.