Who are the mothers in the show Hello Baby?

Who are the mothers in the show Hello Baby?

It portrays the four Sistar members ( Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom) acting as mothers and Super Junior ‘s Leeteuk as a father taking care of a baby named Kim Kyumin ( Hangul: 김규민). The season finished broadcasting on November 18, 2011. This season is similar to that of Leeteuk’s Find Mom project.

Which is the best season of Hello Baby?

Seasons Season 1: Girls’ Generation’s Hello Baby Season 2: Shinee’s Hello Baby Season 3: T-ara’s Hello Baby Season 4: Sistar and Leeteuk’s Hello Baby Season 5: MBLAQ’s Hello Baby Season 6: B1A4’s Hello Baby Season 7: Boyfriend’s Hello Baby

How old is Cho Kyungsan from Hello Baby?

With 9 members, Girls’ Generation became mothers to a nine-month old boy named Cho Kyungsan. In the first episode, the members are given pointers about child care before they meet the baby. Each episode, guest fathers come on the show to help.

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