What should I do if my dog ate my vitamin D pill?

What should I do if my dog ate my vitamin D pill?

As with any poisoning, early treatment allows the best chance for a full recovery. If your dog has eaten vitamin D supplements, medications or rat/mouse poison, contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal poison control center, at 1-800-213-6680 immediately.

Can a vitamin D pill hurt a dog?

When a dog finds Vitamin D supplements, they are usually human supplements that the owner accidentally left within reach. If your dog gets into your medications and eats your Vitamin D supplements, he can easily get enough to cause toxicosis.

Are there prenatal vitamins for dogs?

Much like human prenatal vitamins, dog prenatal vitamins help supplement your pet’s diet with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed during pregnancy and lactation. Prenatal vitamins for dogs provide gestating puppies with the essentials needed for healthy growth and development.

How much folic acid can I give my dog?

Folic acid is an essential vitamin for dogs and cats. The needed level is quite small, one of the three lowest among the vitamins: the recommended allowance for all dogs is 0.270 mg/kg and for cats is 0.750 mg/kg based on a 4,000 kcal diet (NRC, 2006).

What to do if your dog swallows a prenatal vitamin?

If your dog or cat happens to knock over a bottle of prenatal vitamins and swallows a bunch before you can intervene, you need to call your vet immediately.

Are there any vitamins that are toxic to pets?

Vitamins That Are Toxic to Pets. Many other vitamins and supplements—like fiber supplements and many multivitamins—are less serious, Murphy says, but if consumed in large enough amounts, any human-grade vitamin may represent a threat to a pet’s health.

Can You give Your Pet a human vitamin?

This means that consuming a human-grade vitamin can potentially give your pet an unhealthy excess of a particular vitamin or mineral. For many pets, sneaking behind your back and consuming one of your vitamins that you left sitting on the table is not cause for an emergency.

What happens if a dog eats a vitamin?

This is all good when you witness the incident, but what happens if your pet eats a vitamin without your knowledge? Murphy says many of the symptoms at play are the same for when a dog or cat eats anything out of the ordinary: vomiting, drooling, lack of appetite, and obvious abdominal discomfort.