Should chow chow be shaved?

Should chow chow be shaved?

As a general rule, you should never shave your Chow Chow. Shaving your dog’s undercoat will take away their natural protection from the elements and expose their sensitive skin. It will not help them stay cool. The only time your Chow Chow’s coat should be shaved is for medical reasons or excessive matting.

What dog should not be shaved?

The “no shave” rule doesn’t just apply to super-furry northern breeds like Samoyeds, Huskies or Malamutes, but to other double-coated breeds as well. Herding breeds like Aussie Shepherds, Border Collies and Shelties are double-coated. So are Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs and many more.

Can you shave your chow?

Shaving your Chow Chow’s coat can cause changes in the texture of the fur when the hair grows back in. In warmer climates, the dog’s thick coat can actually serve as an insulator to keep the dog cool. When the fur is shaved away, your dog can overheat more easily.

Is it safe to shave a Chow Chow for the summer?

Active Oldest Votes 12 Double coated dogs (such as the Chow Chow and many others) should never be shaved unless it’s for medical reasons such as a skin disease or other vet recommended procedure. A dog’s double coat actually helps insulate a dog to keep him cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What kind of dog has patchy hair after a shave?

It might not be readily visible under the heavier coat above, but many popular breeds have it, including the German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Chow, Husky, Malamute, and Samoyed. As these dogs get older, the likelihood increases that some of their hair will not regenerate after a shave, leaving them with a patchy, scruffy coat.

What’s the best order to shave your dog?

A good order is head, underarms, under-tail, behind the head, back, sides, belly. Unless your dog is completely still you should skip its face altogether. Even then, stay at least an inch from the eye while shaving. Shave the underarms.

Is it safe to shave a double coated dog?

Shaving a double coated dog will not only prevent a dog from keeping cool, it can actually make them overheat and more likely to get sunburn. Besides that, the fur rarely grows in the same and you end up with fur that doesn’t look right and is not as soft as it was previously. Here is a diagram explaining the purpose of the double coat.