Does L-Lysine help with feline herpes?

Does L-Lysine help with feline herpes?

There is evidence at multiple levels that lysine supplementation is not effective for the prevention or treatment of feline herpesvirus 1 infection in cats. Lysine does not have any antiviral properties, but is believed to act by lowering arginine levels.

How much lysine do I give my cat for herpes?

L-Lysine, 500mg PO q12h in the adult cat or 250mg PO q12h in kittens, has been previously shown to reduce the severity, but not necessarily the length, of FHV outbreaks. However, further research showed an increase in viral shedding in shelter cats administered L-Lysine.

Does lysine make cat herpes worse?

The online version has since been updated to read: “Previously, lifelong oral L-lysine (250-500 mg/day) was recommended to help prevent or reduce the severity of recurrent feline herpesvirus infections. However, recent work has shown that oral L-lysine can actually exacerbate feline herpesvirus infections.”

Can a cat with herpes be around other cats?

“A cat that has an acute FVR infection will be infective to other cats.” Affected cats must be isolated from other cats to avoid further spread of disease. It is always prudent to isolate any new cat from the other cats in your household for at least one to two weeks to minimize transmission of any infectious diseases.

Can cats with herpes be around other cats?

Does feline herpes shorten life?

With FHV, after infection, virtually all cats will remain latently infected (the virus persists in nerve cells). This means that infected cats effectively become life-long carriers of the virus. In many cats this causes no problems, and they do not continue to shed virus so are not a risk to others.

What percentage of cats have feline herpes?

As many as 80 to 90 percent of cats are estimated to have feline herpes-1, also called feline rhinotracheitis virus. For some unknown reason, it appears as symptoms in some cats, perhaps those with weakened immune systems.

Does lysine help cats with colds?

Using Lysine 5 to 7 days prior to any stressful events may be helpful in boosting the immune system and lessening the risk of upper respiratory infections following these events. Dr. Barrack says that although cats can’t spread the virus to people, they can spread it to other cats.