Why does my Border Collie keep eating more food?

Why does my Border Collie keep eating more food?

If you’re a new border collie owner then you should be aware of what we commonly refer to as “bottomless stomach syndrome”. Like several other breeds, border collies are seemingly incapable of self-regulating the amount of food they eat in a single sitting. They will just keep eating and eating and eating until they physically cannot eat more.

Is it bad for an older Collie to be obese?

Obesity is not doing the older dog any favors because it can add stress to already weakened bones and joints. Consequently you may need to reduce the amount of food or change the type of food entirely. Personally I have never had a healthy Collie lose its appetite due to age, but I have had quite a few become obese.

Why does my senior Collie get dry and brittle?

However, some are not only lacking in palatability, but also too low in protein or fat. As a result, the older dog can either get too thin or the coat becomes dry and brittle. Some older dogs, for no obvious reason, develop touchy stomachs and cannot be fed the same food they have previously been fed.

What kind of dog is a Border Collie?

Border Collies are smart and athletic. They are agile and love to be active. They were originally bred as sheep and livestock herders in the border country of England and Scotland and many Border Collies are still used as working dogs. Border Collies can make great pets but they do have intense personalities at times.

Is it time for my Border Collie to die?

Just because your beloved border collie is getting old does not mean he’s going to die tomorrow. You might still have years with him in your home. However, there might come a time in which you and your vet realize that his days are numbered and you have to begin preparing your family for his loss.

When do you start to notice behavioral changes in a Border Collie?

That’s what makes it particularly difficult when you begin noticing changes in your dog’s behavior as he or she grows older. This is a breed that lives an average of about 12 years, which means you’ll have a long time with yours if you get him as a puppy.

Why does my Border Collie get anxious all the time?

It might be a moment that has happened a thousand times in your home, such as a baby yelling or a child petting the dog, that causes your dog to seem anxious. These are natural feelings that can be difficult to deal with as they remind you that your dog is growing old and changing.

How does age affect a Border Collie’s energy?

Even you know that your level of energy has changed since you were a child. Spending 5 hours on a ball field for a double-header was nothing to you as a child running around the field, but it’s more exhausting now that you’re a parent just sitting in the stands – you can’t imagine running around on a baseball field for that long at this age.