How long is Temaril-P good for?

How long is Temaril-P good for?

Temaril-P should start to work within hours of administration. During the initial phase of treatment the effect should last 12 hours, and become longer as therapy progresses. If Temaril-P is stopped, signs of the disease may reappear.

Is Temaril Pa corticosteroid?

Trimeprazine tartrate with prednisolone (brand names: Temaril-P®, Vanectyl-P®) is a combination of an antihistamine and a corticosteroid used to treat itchiness (due to mostly allergies) or suppress cough. The combination is designed to decrease the amount of prednisone used.

How much Temaril-P Can I give my dog?

Dosage and Administration

Weight of Dog Initial Dosage
Up to 10 lb 1/2 tablet, twice daily
11-20 lb 1 tablet, twice daily
21-40 lb 2 tablets, twice daily
Over 40 lb 3 tablets, twice daily

Is Temaril-P used for coughing in dogs?

TEMARIL-P has been found to be effective therapy and adjunctive therapy in various cough conditions of dogs.

Can Temaril-P be given with Benadryl?

Using diphenhydrAMINE together with trimeprazine may increase side effects such as drowsiness, blurred vision, dry mouth, heat intolerance, flushing, decreased sweating, difficulty urinating, abdominal cramping, constipation, irregular heartbeat, confusion, and memory problems.

Is Temaril-p safe for dogs long term?

This drug combination can cause sleepiness, muscle tremors, increased thirst, appetite, and need to urinate. Due to the steroid in the drug combination, long-term use can cause potbelly, increased susceptibility to infection, elevated blood pressure, poor wound healing, and changes in hair coat.

Are there any side effects of Temaril P for dogs?

Other Possible Side Effects. Dogs might also experience extreme drowsiness and exhaustion from Temaril-P. The drowsiness should subside quickly. Urinary retention is a possible, but highly rare, side effect of Temaril-P. Dry mouth is another possible side effect of the medication.

Which is the best Temaril tablet for itching?

1. Antipruritic: Temaril-P is recommended for the relief of itching regardless of cause.

What kind of medication is Temaril P used for?

Temaril-P is a prescription medication that is intended for canine use. Temaril-P is used to provide relief for itchiness in dogs.

Which is the best antipruritic for itching in dogs?

Antipruritic: Temaril-P is recommended for the relief of itching regardless of cause.

When to use Temaril-P for dog itching?

Temaril-P is used to alleviate itching regardless of the cause. [5] The formula is exclusive and only used by veterinarians. It combines the antipruritic and antitussive action of trimeprazine with the anti-inflammatory effect of prednisolone (a corticosteroid).

Are there any side effects to taking Temaril P?

Temaril P Side Effects in Dogs. Temaril-P is used to provide relief for itchiness in dogs. It is also used to decrease inflammation that is often associated with canine skin conditions, including dermatitis, otititis and eczema. Temaril-P is also often used to treat coughing in dogs, as well as bronchitis.

When to reduce Temaril P tablets for animals?

After 4 days, reduce dosage to 1/2 of the initial dose or to an amount just sufficient to maintain remission of symptoms. Individual animal response will vary and dosage should be adjusted until proper response is obtained.

Can you give a pregnant dog Temaril P?

Pregnant, or lactating dogs should not be given this medication. Dogs that have severe fungal or bacterial infections should also not be given Temaril-P. Furthermore, dogs that have diabetes or any other chronic health conditions should not be prescribed this drug.