How are we helping to save pandas from extinction?

How are we helping to save pandas from extinction?

Use Less Paper. Giant pandas live on bamboo, which is scarce because bamboo trees are being cut down to make paper, which is destroying their natural habitat and only food source. By not using fewer paper products, you are helping to protect pandas from extinction.

How is the giant panda protected in China?

The giant panda is known as the ‘national treasure’ of China. It’s one of the ” first class protected species ” according to China’s Wild Animal Protection Law.

How are pandas, pandas now not endangered?

1. Giant panda habitat was reduced gradually by farming and forestry. As China’s population increased around giant pandas’ habitat the forest was cut down by hill farmers. 2. Because their habitat was decreasing, giant pandas had to move up to higher mountain areas, which had few bamboo species.

How is the WWF helping the pandas in China?

The Chinese government, in partnership with WWF, has also developed bamboo corridors to link pockets of forest, allowing the pandas within them to move to new areas, find more food and meet more potential breeding mates.

Why are pandas no longer endangered?

Simply because no matter where you are, the inappropriate action towards the environment will always contribute to climate change , which is not good for the pandas and other animals. In this article, you learned that giant pandas are no longer endangered species. They are now vulnerable species. It is a step away from their feared extinction.

Why should we save the giant panda?

We should do everything we can to save the giant panda because we are the ones that have driven it to the edge of extinction. And because we can. But pandas also play a crucial role in China’s bamboo forests by spreading seeds and helping the vegetation to grow. So by saving pandas, we will also be saving so much more.

How can people save pandas?

One of the best ways humans can protect giant pandas is by preserving their natural habitat. Giant pandas need to live in forests that provide them with their primary source of food– bamboo . But one of the problems with the bear’s food source is that bamboo dies after it flowers, leaving nothing for the pandas to eat.

How do giant pandas protect themselves?

Giant pandas are solitary and peaceful animals, which will usually avoid confrontation, but if escape is impossible, they will certainly fight back. And as cuddly as they may look, pandas can protect themselves as well as most other bears by using their physical strength, and powerful jaws and teeth .